Seventeen Eighteen Past Lies Waiting: EJ Lamprey

Seventeen Eighteen Past Lies Waiting EJ Lamprey Book
by EJ Lamprey

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Tim's mum just killed someone - second time, but he doesn't know about the first - and this time, he's being blamed for it. Time to call for help from the father he never met -

The Grasshopper Lawns whodunits are breezy and light-hearted, ideal for armchair detectives anywhere, you will always know as much as the characters do - can you put it together first? Most readers just go along for the ride, and this ninth book in the series doesn't disappoint. It's set in early 2016 so Brexit, and Donald Trump, are happening, but the adventure is over long before the kind of arguments we've been seeing on CS, lol
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His mum’s killed someone and vanished, and the police think he’s the killer. The only message she left him was to contact the father he’s never met

What do a teenager running into trouble, Donald McDonald, and an American millionaire have in common?

It is February 2016, and Donald, on holiday with Edge, Vivian and William in South Africa, is called away to the villa he co-owns in Spain when it is announced that Britain will be voting on whether or not to leave the EU. By the time Edge returns to the Lawns, Donald is involved in murder - although this time not hunting a murderer, but hiding one. Vivian and William are soon roped in to play their part in untangling the accusations.

It is, as the title suggests, a story with its roots sunk twenty years in the past - not only for Donald, but for the dancer with a secret which has distorted her life, who has now killed a man and needs help. Not for herself, as she has always been fiercely independent, but for Donald’s biological son . . .

There are, as always, twists, turns, and red herrings to be discarded if you are to have your suspicions triumphantly confirmed (or completely confounded) as the friends set about unravelling the truth.

Despite the timing, there’s no biting political commentary. Promise. No topical book set in this year could be without references to both Donald Trump and Brexit, but the adventure is all done and dusted long before 2016 got really hectic. The characters may have their opinions either side of true neutral, but the political bandwagon has the lightest of (purely topical) loads.

‘Eat first,’ he said severely, and Edge sighed and went to retrieve the oxtail casserole. Tim looked slightly dismayed when his portion was put in front of him but was soon eating with good appetite.

‘This is better than it looks,’ he said generously, and looked approvingly at the glass of wine Donald had just put down next to his glass of water. ‘So, what does she think? Did she know anything? Is Mum with her?’

‘Nope.’ Donald sipped water, put the glass down and reached for his fork. ‘She said you are the spawn of Lucifer and that she has told the Guardia Civil at least four times that she has no idea where you are hiding, but probably with a woman. You didn’t say you were a devil with women.’

Tim giggled. ‘Come on, Mac, she didn’t say that!’

Donald grinned at him, then sobered. ‘She doesn’t know where Miranda is, but thinks she may be hiding from you. The Guardia Civil have been very persistent, to the point where one invited her on a date. The man must have nerves of steel. I wish I thought she had beans to spill so that he can start his meteoric rise to the top, but I don’t. Anyway, Hicks met both sisters about twenty years ago at a local lunch party and he was very taken with Miranda. However, the interest was all on his side, and Miranda’s probably sorry now because he’s turned into a real catch since then and become much better looking. I’m quoting.’

Edge hooted. ‘She sounds a character! Randy’s no oil-painting.’

‘Multi-millionaires don’t need to be, but there might be an older photo on the internet.’ He made a long arm to retrieve his laptop and typed into the search bar, then turned the laptop around to show them. ‘He
has improved.’

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