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One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez Book

One Hundred Years of Solitude

a great book ,a classic . :)...

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Jurassic Park Michael Crichton Book

Jurassic Park

Goes from being the best selling book to the best selling film of all time...

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Pomp Circumstance Noel Coward Book

Pomp & Circumstance

This book is just hilarious - life on a Colonial island being totally thrown into chaos by the news the very young Queen Elizabeth and her husband wil...

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The hobbit tolkien Book

The hobbit

Loved The Hobbit but never yet managed to finish LoTR - doubt I ever will now, the films look pretty good, why fight with the trilogy? I don't know...

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I Married a Pirate Samantha David Book

I Married a Pirate

A wicked sense of humor in an adventurous story of a love hate relationship. I really enjoyed the hilarious way the book is written....

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World War Z Max Brooks Book

World War Z

I like the book better then the movie It self...

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Buddhas Little Finger Victor Pelevin Book

Buddha's Little Finger

Revolution, cocaine addicts, emptiness and post-soviet Russia....

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The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon Book

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

How the world ended once....

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Cafe Scheherezade Arnold Zable Book

Cafe Scheherezade

Life as a constant journey....

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Ham on Rye Charles Bukowski Book

Ham on Rye

Bukowski again...

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Post Office Charles Bukowski Book

Post Office

Bukowski at his best....

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Oathbreaker Mercedes Lackey Book


I like this book for so many reasons. It is about sisterhood and friendships with a lot of fighting and other fantasy elements thrown in....

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Grants Final Victory Charles Bracelen Flood Book

Grant's Final Victory

This book was just simply a wonderful read. It was really well written and gave a lot of insight into Ulysses S. Grant and his final days and his bout...

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Dark Lover J R Ward Book

Dark Lover

eh...begs the you like cloak and dagger or are you a believer in vengeance? if so,would you consider being hired to beat the shit out of...

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The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury Book

The Martian Chronicles

This was even a movie. Very interesting read but mostly well written....

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Gone with the wind Margaret Mitchell Book

Gone with the wind

I love the self reliance of the heroine,and all the actors stubborn pursuit to love.Which gave me a deeply impressive is the rhesis is "tomorrow is...

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Never Let Me Go Kazuo Ishiguro Book

Never Let Me Go

The movie is more a love story, whereas the book seems to focus more on questions about human condition, social hypocrisy and so on....

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Together through life volume 1 Stephen Curtis Book

Together through life volume 1

Well done you Morgen I cannot find my way arounf all little nooks on cs. I await my book and will come back to review when read BUT I have a space of...

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The Nine Freedoms George King Book

The Nine Freedoms

To begin with I was unable to post the book cover from Amazon although I followed the same procedure as for my own book, in which I initially made so...

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The Nine Freedoms George King Book

The Nine Freedoms

This book is unique and will ever remain so. It was transmitted by The Cosmic Master Mars Sector Six, through George King as he was in a self-induced...

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Metaphysics and The New Age Dr Peter Daley Book

Metaphysics and The New Age

Correction! The book cover did appear when posted....

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Watchers Dean Koontz Book


Fantastic book, terrible movie...

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Aztec Gary Jennings Book


brilliant, historical novel once you start you can not put it down. Best ever written and 12 years in the writing....

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Child Star An Autobiography Shirley Temple Black Book

Child Star: An Autobiography

RIP Shirley Temple Black. She died yesterday, Monday, February 10, 2014. If you have never read this book, her autobiography, this would be a good tim...

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The Codex of Alera Jim Butcher Book

The Codex of Alera

One of my favorite series....

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poole captive with her latest paper turner. i like this book because it drama in it...

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the watchmen alan moore Book

the watchmen

Great story! Recommend reading the comic before watching the movie. Both are great!...

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The Media Equation Byron Reeves Book

The Media Equation

good book for smart people...

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Papillion Henri Charriere Book


Captivating story that keeps you glued until the end!...

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The Elegant Universe Brian Greene Book

The Elegant Universe

Interesting but we are always thinking that we 'understand' the universe then it all changes. Always....

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The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz Book

The Four Agreements

Very true. I agree with thee author....

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Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High Kerry Patterson Joseph Grenny Ron McMillan Al Switzler Book

Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

Book you must read before you die...

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Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss Book

Name of the Wind

I love the character developed that Patrick had made over this book as well as the second "the Wise Man's Fear". I particularly like the mysterious re...

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This English translation of the Qur'an is a compilation of the Muslim faith's Final Revelation from God to mankind through the last Prophet Muhammad,...

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Muhammad Muhammad Book


"Finally, we get to meet the first women of Islam. Thank you for this brave book." –Coleman Barks, author of Essential Rumi, and other books on the gr...

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The man who laugh Vctor Hugo Book

The man who laugh

I simply love how the main character acts, how he realize love is not just an image, it's more than outside, It is not what we can see but what we fel...

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The Game Tom Wood Book

The Game

Victor is an Assassin with a conscience....... Not as good a read as say a "David Hagberg" or "David Baldacchi" as it deatil's too much basic info, a...

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The Last Man Vince Flynn Book

The Last Man

Vince Flynn is no longer with us so this is possibly his last book. He created one of the genre's great characters in Mitch Rapp. If you like thrill...

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QF32 Richard Champion de Crespigny Book


This book tells the story of flight QF32 as it took off from Singapore when an engine exploded, and how the crew handled this disaster. It is also bio...

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The Future of the Internet and how to Stop it Jonathan L Zittrain Book

The Future of the Internet and how to Stop it

The Future of the Internet and how to Stop it, interested book...

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