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Miraculous Magical Mystical Molly captures her familys treasure Wendy Bolton Williams Book

Miraculous Magical Mystical Molly captures her family's treasure

A fantasy fiction novel , one of six. Molly is the magical dog and she and her wizards are looking for lost treasure around the castles of Wales. Fic...

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Emma Jane Austen Book


Deep, and illuminating.......

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Precious Hearts Romances Martha Cecilia Book

Precious Hearts Romances

Had been a avid fan... have read almost all of her works.... faves!...

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The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini Book

The Kite Runner

The unforgettable, heartbreaking story of the unlikely friendship between a wealthy boy and the son of his father's servant....

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Fundamentals of Nursing Patricia A Potter Book

Fundamentals of Nursing

My "guide" book...a must....

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Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes Edith Hamilton Book

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

Have been a fan of greek mythology, but yet to know all the gods and the goddesses...(wink)...

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FHM Philippines FHM Book

FHM Philippines

Had collected some before, and went into a tight wallet. Informative and openminded....

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Lonely Planet Philippines Country Travel Guide Greg Gloo Michael Grosberg Book

Lonely Planet Philippines (Country Travel Guide)

A travel guide if you will love to visit my beautiful country...Philippines!......

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Black Hawk Down Mark Bowden Book

Black Hawk Down

Love the book and the movie as well....

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Persuasion jane Austen Book


Yet to finish, i'm hooked......

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eleven minutes paulo coelho Book

eleven minutes

Delighfully sensual and entertaining....

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harry potter series j k rowling Book

harry potter series

I completed reading all 6 books but i have yet to own them. xoxoxo...

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The Divine Awakening Nick Jones Book

The Divine Awakening

Hello there, and I am the author of the book "The Divine Awakening". This is my first book I've ever written. It was a struggle to write and eventua...

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Twilight Stephanie Meyer Book


I absolutly love this book as well as the series. I first received this book for christmas in i wanna say 2007. I fell in love with it at once. Ive re...

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Interview With The Vampire Anne Rice Book

Interview With The Vampire

i have read everything Anne rice has wrote and i am a die hard fan of hers !...

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Fire in the East Harry Sidebottom Book

Fire in the East

its ok ,but I think the author should stick to single novels instead if cashing in and churning out a series......

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Oil Upton Sinclair Book


Number 1;>...

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Cycle Of The Werewolf Stephen King Book

Cycle Of The Werewolf

One of Kings all time best...

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Gog Giovanni Papini Book


It's a wonderful book!...

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The picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde Book

The picture of Dorian Gray

great packet od social philosophy and dark side of humanity...nice:)...

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Crisis of Conscience Raymond Franz Book

Crisis of Conscience

This is an amazingly insightful look at the secret workings of the ruling council of a destructive and damaging cult. Written by a former member of...

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Enders Game Orson Scott Card Book

Enders Game

Engaging science fiction tale with well developed characters that you identify with and care about....

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One day David Nicholls Book

One day

I 'read' this book through my earphones, because it was an audiobook. and from the first moment, I was intriqued by the story of Emma Morley and Dexte...

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The five love languages Gary Chapman Book

The five love languages

I was at a wedding and the celebrant mentioned this book, about five love languages (and the secret to a happy marriage) so I was curious to read what...

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Norwegain Wood Haruki Murakami Book

Norwegain Wood

You give yourself the opportunity to read Murakami!...

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Holy Bible King James Version Book

Holy Bible

They tried to kill off this book with the new edition,,but there is something magical about the words in the "King James version",, to people like me...

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I Slept with an Alien

My experiences when sleeping with women who transfigured during o*gasm. Lost in the estasy they dropped their guard and their true selfs appeared. Hel...

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The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann Book

The Magic Mountain

Beautiful novel, well built characters and I love the irony and humor used. Worth reading over and over again....

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The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain Mark Twain Book

The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain

This book gathers hundreds of Twains memorable quips and comments on life. Entertaining and quite thought provoking....

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Tormento Galdos Book


hi im seek you, want to good relationship with you, im nice good poor man, my mind is rich, im never married, im real right man, email:iruhul 26@yahoo...

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Son of a Witch Gregory Maguire Book

Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch continues the story after the fall from power of the Wizard of Oz and the death of Elphaba, Maguire's reinvention of the Wicked Witch o...

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The Twilight saga Stephnie MEYER Book

The Twilight saga

i love this series :)...

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Alainn Dogs Tale Joseph Boyle Book

Alainn Dogs Tale

I like its childlike innocence and zest for life. In such a cruel world that innocence must not be lost....

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A child called IT Dave Pelzer Book

A child called "IT"

Great read could not put the book down.I to had a bad childhood. My Father try to kill me 4 times before I was ten.Read this book then ask yourself...

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Dead Run Erica Spindler Book

Dead Run

A real page turner and the first Erica Spindler novel I read - I have read many more since!...

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The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz Book

The Four Agreements

Reveals the source of self limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.Based on ancient Toltec wisdom,the Four Agreements offer...

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Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know About Kevin Trudeau Book

Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About

For those interested in natural cures, an excellent reference....

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The Law of Happiness Dr Henry Cloud Book

The Law of Happiness

Discover a new way of living that will transform your relationships,career,and inner self and give you the joy you've been seeking. An uplifting an...

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Awakening The Buddha Within Lama Surya Das Book

Awakening The Buddha Within

An excellent read for those interested in the guidelines and key principles embodied in the noble 8 fold path and the traditional 3 enlightenment trai...

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Weaveworld Clive Barker Book


It's weird, obscure... nothing like you expect, yet everything you expect; typical Clive Barker, you'll like this one....

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The House of Spirits Isabelle Allende Book

The House of Spirits

A must read, another one of my all time favourites....

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Beyond sleep Willem Frederik Hermans Book

Beyond sleep

Classic in the Dutch literature....

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