The Twilight saga: Stephnie MEYER

The Twilight saga Stephnie MEYER Book
by Stephnie MEYER

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I can't really say anything about this book except it is the most EPIC love story/action/fantasy books ever made...the drama, danger and action kept me hooked from page one to the end.
been done before

They are most certainly not “the most EPIC love story/action/fantasy books ever made” entertaining yes a classic nope like a lot of books they are way too over hyped which is sad because people expect great literature and are disappointed when they don’t get it , they could be perfectly happy if they where just told the truth the series is just good old fashioned junk food for the mind “chick lit with vampires”
I fell in love with this book! I am waiting for the next movie "Eclipse"heart wings
Would you believe I read Breaking Dawn in one day !!!!! I simply could not put it down. Awesome... can't wait to see Eclipse at the cinema. Who know why we like Vampires grin
Of course you read in in one was written for twelve year old girls.
I've read all four of these and they are all well written. Good romance, mystery and suspense.
I found the characters interesting and loved the fact that it was a love story with a twist. Maybe it is aimed for the younger generation but I think it has something for everyone to take away from. It really depends on the individual's perception of the books.
I love the Twilight Series....each book had me hooked from beginning to end. I can't wait to see Eclispe when it comes out at the movies. I'm also waiting to download the Short-Story Stephanie Meyer is putting out, "The Short Life of Brea Tanner." The story is told from the view point of the one of the new born vampires.
the twilight saga,great gotta see the movies.
Ok, so all of you adults who got the Twilight bug, here is one for you, Stephanie Meyer's The Host. Great Book, strangest love triangle I ever read. If you liked the Twilight Sage you will like this book too.
This vampire series is a quick fun read... its not necessarily "great literature" but its well written and extremely entertaining. Its targeted to teenage girls but certainly caught my attention. I guess it triggers that whimsical romantic in anyone. I'm not a fan of the films, but at least it gave this little series the attention it deserves. If you haven't read them... do it now!
i loved every book!kiss
and i want to find my own Edward Cullen!heart wings
i even managed to get hold of the first part of the unpublished book "Midnight Sun"!

i read all the books within a week and a half!love
i did the house work with a book in my hand and my kids had to beg to be fed!!rolling on the floor laughing
i have now read each book 4 times!!! smitten
still have nt read these yet!! i should get on it!
i love this series :)
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