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El viaje del elefante Jos Saramago Book

El viaje del elefante

Saramago has done it again. Once you start this fabulous narration it is impossible to stop. Again, as in all of his works, Saramago offers a hidden t...

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Man Plus Frederik Pohl Book

Man Plus

I love science-fiction altogether, but this is one of the very favourites for me....

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Mason Dixon Thomas Pynchon Book

Mason & Dixon

Even though any decent Lit Prof will tell you Thomas Pynchon is one of the half-dozen most important living writers in any language, many people still...

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Scrambled Eggs at Midnight Brad Barkley and Heather Helper Book

Scrambled Eggs at Midnight

I love the first line of this book. "My mother is a wench." It really caught my attention. As I read on, I realized that her mother really was a wench...

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Princess Bride William Goldman Book

Princess Bride

Even Funnier than the movie!...

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The bluest eye Toni Morrisson Book

The bluest eye

I absolutely love this book... I totally identify with the characters in the book....

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THRILLING! THAT'S THE WORD FOR IT... But it is so fast paced and so jam-packed with information that you get yourself lost in all the symbology and...

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Phantom Susan Kay Book


A wonderful poetic story that details the Phantoms life from his birth the dramatic and famous end below the Opera House. The story is told not only f...

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here a little there a little Christopher Joseph bennett Book

here a little there a little

This book is the work of love that I have for the kind lord I got my first book published 2 years ago and I'm working on more if you want a copy wri...

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necroscope brian lumley Book


i am a huge star of his work and he blows away most vampire books...

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Glass House People Kathryn Reiss Book

Glass House People

One of my favoite books. Sixteen-year-old Beth and her brother discover that their mother has been estranged from her sister and the rest of her famil...

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The Selfish Gene Richsrd Dawkins Book

The Selfish Gene

This book changed my life. Suddenly I understood how evolution worked - really worked. This book should be mandatory reading for all children to count...

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The Greatest Show on Earth Richard Dawkins Book

The Greatest Show on Earth

Reading it at the moment. Richard Dawkins is the man. The Selfish Gene changed my life. He makes complicated subjects understandable....

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The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Book

The Lost Symbol

The best in the Langdon series so far in my opinion The twists at the end were great....

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The Waves Virginia Woolf Book

The Waves

A beautiful book I would like to recommend. I loved the way Time is represented by the metaphor of the waves....

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The Twilight saga collection Stephenie Meyer Book

The Twilight saga collection

I enjoy the books and have read all 5 a bit more than a few times The movie was AWFUL and I will watch New Moon but don't have high hopes. The...

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Angels and Demons Dan Brown Book

Angels and Demons

I enjoy his books but yes they are predictable but his new one is NOT until the very end I liked Angels and Demons more than Davinici and have...

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Sookie Stackhouse Series Charlaine Harris Book

Sookie Stackhouse Series

I think I just enjoy looking at Eric more than anything else and I agree with you completely on all your other points I too want to fix Anna...

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Le Petit Prince Little Prince Antoine de Saint Exupery Book

Le Petit Prince (Little Prince )

Written and illustrated so beautifully by Antoine de Saint Exupery, The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) is a jewel like no other. It’s charming...

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John Cynthia Lennon Book


I just couldn't put this book down, it was so informative - a very enjoyable read...

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Chris Isaak Wicked Game Jamie Reid Book

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

very stunning x...

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Phillip K d*ck Book

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

My favourite writer as he embodies the perfect unreliable narrator....

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Change Principals Problem Formation Resolution Watzlawick Book

Change Principals Problem Formation Resolution

I like Escher's cover, what's the book about?...

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God is not great Christopher Hitchens Book

God is not great

This must be the funniest book I've read in quite a while. Hitchens' comedy style is not for everyone but if you like discussing about religion not in...

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Liberty Tyranny Mark Levin Book

Liberty & Tyranny

this book is awsome...

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Liberty and tyranny a conservative manifesto Mark Levin Book

Liberty and tyranny a conservative manifesto

it opens up your eyes to everything that is happening in this world today...

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The Essential Oils Book Colleen K Dodt Book

The Essential Oils Book

It was written to give a basic knowledge if pure essential oils and the powerful influence of scent in our lives...

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The Clan of the Cave Bear Jean M Auel Book

The Clan of the Cave Bear

Loved this series!...

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the name of the wind patrick rothfuss Book

the name of the wind

have not come across this book or author but i shall take ur recommendation to heart and purchase a copy...

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Wyrd Sisters Sir Terry Pratchett Book

Wyrd Sisters

Will Granny Weatherwax Nanny Ogg and Magrat garlick outlive their creator. A new witches tale has long been anticipated by myself but Terry has not be...

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Quicksilver The Baroque Cycle Book 1 Neal Stephenson Book

Quicksilver: The Baroque Cycle Book 1

The best american trilogy of the last couple of decades. Part adventure novel, part historical thriller, part science fiction, and frequently hilareo...

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The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath Book

The Bell Jar

This is the autobiographical description of her lapse into depression. Events and the world are seen from the point of view of a young woman sufferin...

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Christian Science Mark Twain Book

Christian Science

A very interesting perception on (today, seemingly opposing concepts) christianity and science. I esspecially enjoyed the way he disected both and see...

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Chocolat Joanne Harris Book


I really like how this book can show you the things you've always seen as good in a new perspective. I didn't really like the end of the book, but tha...

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Letters From Cicely Ellis Weiner Book

Letters From Cicely

are we the ONLY two Northern Exposure fans on this entire site??? Have sent you an e-mail but it said it was "blocked" so I'm not sure if you will get...

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Writing Through The Darkness Easing your Depression with Pen and Paper Elizabeth Maynard Schaefer Book

Writing Through The Darkness - Easing your Depression with Pen and Paper

I like the general idea of this book, i might read it sometime. Thanks for the recommendation....

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The Dharma Bums Jack Kerouac Book

The Dharma Bums

Real world roads parallel to inner paths. Couldn`t put it down....

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The Karamazov Brothers Oxford Worlds Classics Fyodor Dostoevsky Book

The Karamazov Brothers (Oxford World's Classics)

dostoeviski...a giant amongst his contemporaries and in the present time he is immortal his work my favourite is the possessed. brothers karamazov has...

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The Power of Focus Jack Canfield Mark Hanson Les Hewitt Book

The Power of Focus

I must say good choice,anything that teaches a proper vision is the way 2 go.Kind of reminded me of the books by Og Mandingo's books a little,the grea...

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A New Earth Create A Better Life Eckhart Tolle Book

A New Earth - Create A Better Life

This book really makes you stop and think about things in your life and it helps you to take a good look at yourself. Absolutely amazing....

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Prima Magazine magazine Book

Prima Magazine

I don’t usually like women’s magazines…they are full of adverts and rubbish, but what did I do with my last batch of Tesco’s Clubcard Vouchers???? ……...

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The gate to womens country Sheri Tepper Book

The gate to women`s country

I know what you mean, Pagan. I read it ten years ago and it still seems last week!...

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