watsu: harold dull,and co-authors.his original is out of print

watsu harold dull,and co-authors.his original is out of print Book
by harold dull,and co-authors.his original is out of print

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not familiar with this reprinting and alternative treatments.
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This book introduces Watsu®, the world’s first Aquatic Bodywork, and the newest forms of Explorer and Tandem Watsu, as well as Tantsuyoga which brings Watsu’s unconditional holding and the movement of water onto land. Watsu is the practice of floating and stretching people in warm water in a way that creates enough safety in our arms for them to access whatever level of being they need to free and heal. Watsu has taken the lead in aquatic therapy and stress reduction in clinics and spas around the world. This book’s new Basic Watsu is both a path in itself for exploring new ways of being with family and friends and a possible first step to a professional path. It is based on a simple progression of moves that follow and deepen the connection of your breathing, and moves that awaken and engage the movement within. This progression, and how to maintain someone comfortably supported and aligned (as well as yourself) can be learned in two days of instruction. Once learned, the more you share on this Basic path, the more you will find your connection to others reaching new levels. This book also introduces the moves of the next step on the professional path, the Transition Flow, which is the rest of what is taught in our Watsu 1 intensives. Another path introduced in this book complements both the Basic and Practitioner paths. Instead of a progression or a form it presents a format for meetings in which three from any level of Watsu explore its potential together. This book presents themes, one of which each brings to a meeting. Sharing feedback and suggestions, the three explore as a team the principles and the applications of each’s theme, which is usually a move or a way of using one’s own body. Then each enjoys receiving a complete session in a Round in which the first of the other two starts from the first side incorporating his theme into the flow, the second continues from the second incorporating her theme. Then the two float and stretch the receiver between them. This last part was so powerful that it led to new form of Watsu, Tandem Watsu, that is now introduced in this book. Being floated between two, whatever is released by the now fully supported stretches is contained and circulates within to wherever it is needed. The power of three discovered in this book’s Explorer and Tandem Watsu is now brought onto land in its Tantsuyoga. Besides introducing how to share with one other, this fifth edition presents all the steps of the new Flower Rounds in which the support of the third allows the holder to keep his eyes closed and engage his breath so deeply he can celebrate seven stages of union (Yoga means union). See Tantsuyoga.com. This book also introduces how to bring Tantsuyoga into Yoga classes. Our goal is a world in which everybody can unconditionally hold each other. Harold Dull started developing Watsu over 30 years ago, floating and stretching his Zen Shiatsu students in a warm pool in Northern California. At that time he started Tantsu® (Watsu on land) which has evolved into the Tantsuyoga in this book. A poet in the San Francisco Renaissance, Harold enjoys continuing to share how this book’s forms evolve through its five editions. Harold has taught in more than 25 countries. Students from more than 60 countries have studied Watsu.
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