The Nine Freedoms: George King

The Nine Freedoms George King Book
by George King

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I think there will never be another book like this.

It was transmitted buy The Cosmic Master Mars Sector Six, through George King as he was in a self-induced Samadhic Trance.

Mars Sector Six is a Lord of Karma and so there is not likely to be any higher authority until the arrival of the next and last Christlike Avatar.

Any book you read changes you a bit, and this one certainly does.
To begin with I was unable to post the book cover from Amazon although I followed the same procedure as for my own book, in which I initially made some duplications and corrected.

The chapter on LOVE,which is the second Freedom,describes this universal energy as an entirely different concept and is truly illuminating in its power and how it should be used.

Following the different stages of spiritual evolution up to and beyond Cosmic Consciousness the reader begins realise the vast scope of his/her future through many lives.

We were told that after reading this book you can never be the same again.
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The Nine Freedoms is not just another book—it is a Mission of Truth given to mortal man so that he may climb the nine steps to—Living Immortality..

It is the first Metaphysical text book which clearly outlines the exact path through Evolution which man must take in order to become God-man.

This book will give all who read it the major steps towards attainment of the wonderful state of Cosmic Consciousness, then later explain how to pass through the most elevated state possible to man upon Earth, that of—Ascension.

Yet, The Nine Freedoms does not stop here!

It goes even further than the Bible, the Baghavad-Gita, or the Buddhist conception of Nirvana. For within these pages, the sacred wisdom, kept from man since his inception upon Earth, is now given, revealing the way in which he will eventually attain the glorious state of—Interplanetary Existence.

The book consists of a mystical text of profound philosophical and occult significance and a searching commentary on the most important parts of this text. The soul of this book is the Text, which was delivered as 9 consecutive Transmissions by a prominent Master of unquestionable Cosmic Status.

The body of this book is made up of the commentary written as a series of carefully thought out essays which reveal the profound Truths contained within the words of the unique Text.

As the body of man is a physical reflection of his soul, so are the commentaries a reflection and readily understandable simplification of the all-embracing jewels of Wisdom which form the Mystical Text.

As the pages of The Nine Freedoms are turned, the reader becomes aware that he is being taken on the longest, the most dramatic, most important journey of all—the voyage across the nine seas of his Evolution. Here, for the first time in history, the passage through the classrooms of Earth to glorious worlds of lasting achievement beyond—is laid out in intimate detail.

The same profound effect which was experienced by those serious, Metaphysical student already exposed to a series of lectures on The Nine Freedoms, will be enjoyed by every reader, especially as no one will read this book by chance. The individual Karmic pattern of every student of this text book has determined that he shall be given the Divine opportunity of an Initiation into Truths never before revealed to mankind.

About the Author:

Dr. George King was born in Wellington, Shropshire, England on January 23, 1919. At an early age he became interested in religious science and carefully studied all branches of Metaphysics. In 1944 he began to practise Yoga. Throwing all of his efforts into this exact science, he learned how to bring the mystic fire of Kundalini under conscious control until he attained the elevated state of Cosmic Consciousness.

When in 1954, he was chosen by Cosmic Intelligences as: "Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel,” Doctor George King answered this call with the same single minded determination he had manifested in the past. He devoted the whole of his life in the service of the Cosmic Masters by founding The Aetherius Society, an international Metaphysical Order.

As President of this active organization, he accepted the responsibility of bearing the transmuting flame of Enlightenment throughout the world.
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