The Banquet Of Transcending Electronics: Ronald Walker

The Banquet Of Transcending Electronics Ronald Walker Book
by Ronald Walker

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This book is a light, and inspiring comedy. It's about four people who works for a computer cooperation. They became good friends. They are among various people who have qualified to be VIPs of their cooperation celebration award ceremonial party. It's an event that's given by the cooperation annually. During the gathering, they meet with three other V IPs of the cooperation. In this atmosphere of love, honor, and prestige, they become more acquainted. Their humor, wit, and appeal makes the gathering one of the most inspiring, and humorous acknowledgments of glamour, prestige, and esteem.
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Fascination, humor, and intrigue fills the atmosphere. Friends, and business associates come together. They celebrate their achievements at a banquet ceremonial held especially in their honor. In this inspiring, and humorous acknowledgment of their achievements, they display the poise, and glamour that transcends them to higher levels of appeal.
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