Danger, My Ally: F. Mitchell-Hedges

Danger, My Ally F. Mitchell-Hedges Book
by F. Mitchell-Hedges

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This is a true ripping yarn. The memoirs of a traveller/explorer with a plethora of stories.

Whilst a number of his escapades have been debunked, there is no doubt that F. Mitchell-Hedges was a one-of-a-kind , Indiana Jones type adventurer, and this book slides between fast-paced action and solemn reflection.

It is an enthralling read, indeed.
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Ride with Mitchell-Hedges alongside the Robin Hood of Mexico: Pancho Villa. Travel, visit and explore Central America, Mexico, and South Africa with Hedges in this legendary true story, page-turner. This adventurous man who was for a year a fighter with Pancho Villa gambled everything on a trip to the Americas, questing for Atlantis, fighting bandits in the Caribbean, treasure hunting in South Africa, and other fantastic adventures.
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