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The Twilight Saga Collection: Stephenie Meyer

The Twilight Saga Collection Stephenie Meyer Book
by Stephenie Meyer

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I can't stop reading these books! I'm on New Moon, the second book now I am loving every minute of it!! Can't wait to crack open the next one!!!!
I was able to get the digital versions of all 4 books, as it is very difficult to find them here in Panama, and written in English. I'm done with all four...New Moon is so'll see... and you don't have a clue what's in store for you.

I even have the unauthorized draft of book 5. Stephanie Meyer stopped writing it when somehow the draft was leaked online. Amazing storytelling, heartbreaking and brave lovestory...
All four of thee are fantastic. I find myself getting goosebumps when discussing them. Not only did Stephanie Meyer write them for young adults but the main characters are 17! I am a single mom with a 2 year old for crying out loud! I like the movie Twilight and I am very excited over New Moon in November but alas he books are always better. I have read the whole series, all 5, about 3 times. I am on Breaking Dawn now, again for the 3rd time. I reread them as the movies get closer. I will probably start over with just the first 2 so when I see New Moon it is fresh but you cannot forge the story. It's amazing.
i have read the series three times now and i cant get enough. i have never read a book series that makes me feel so many emotions at once and not to mention the movie was amazing and new moon is going to be as good if not better. best series i have ever read hands down
These are amazing! Anyone who has read the first should read what Stephenie wrote of Midnight Sun at

It's amazing!!!!!
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