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The Idea Book Fredrik Haren Book
by Fredrik Haren

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The Idea Book is the best creativity book that I ever came across in my life. I respect and recommend this book because it inspired my creativity and taught me to think in a different dimension. I never thought that person’s creativity could be trained until I got this book into my hands. It contains lots and lots of inspirational stories which say how people used creativity and succeeded in their lives. When in a difficult situation, I just turn a page, read though the inspirational story, get some motivation and start think different. Most of the time it works. It gives me the motivation and courage to think different and figure out a solution which I have never ever thought of.

On the other hand, the book has 150 empty pages to jot down our own ideas. I have already scribbled 102 pages with new ideas. As a habit, I always carry the book with me to jot down my thoughts and ideas before I forget them. Also, the book itself looks very elegant and could be proudly carried around. It adds elegance and value to my personality. Everybody around me is fascinated by the book and also they rank me as lover of creativity. Just try it. Believe me its wonderful. Just wonderful and worth tiring!
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A book on creativity should not be like other books. The Idea Book is 150 pages of ideas, 150 empty pages for your own idea. It s an idea book. The book part consists of 63 different chapters on how you can develop new ideas. Every chapter ends with a practical activity, or exercise, where the reader can practice the lesson of that chapter. The book is full of stories, anecdotes, and quotes about how to generate ideas. The notebook part is a place for you to work on and store your best ideas. Follow the tradition of a long line of creatives who have used a small, black notebook to catch their ideas. The combination of creativity boosts from the chapters, and a beautiful notebook for your ideas makes The Idea Book the perfect companion for anyone who wants to nurture their creativity.
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