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  1. TO CREATE NEW THREAD: Click on Create Thread in the left side bar, type, and press "submit". Your thread will then appear in the appropriate Category page or All Threads page and members will be able to view and post to it.
  2. TO REPLY TO A THREAD: If you read a thread and want to get into the discussion: Click on the 'Post Reply' button at the upper right of the page. Your post will appear at the bottom of that thread in the order it was submitted.
  3. TO QUOTE ANOTHER POST: If you want to address your reply directly to one member's post in that thread: click on the button inside their post called "Quote". If you do this, their post will be copied and be included in your post answer - so USE THIS OPTION ONLY when you want to take exception to what that one person said and direct your answer to them.
  4. Be sure to read the Forum Rules before posting.

How to use the formatting:

Formatting tags allow you to change the way your text is displayed.
Each formatting instruction has a START tag and an END tag.
Surround the text with the start and end tag to apply a formatting instruction to that text.

FunctionFormatting - (what you enter)Result - (what you get)
BOLD:[b]bold text[/b] not boldbold text not bold
ITALIC:[i]italic text[/i] not italicitalic text not italic
UNDERLINE:[u]underline text[/u] not underlineunderline text not underline
STRIKETHROUGH:[s]strikethrough text[/s] not strikethroughstrikethrough text not strikethrough
COLOR:[color=red]red text[/color] not red textred text not red text
SIZE:[size=7]size 7 text[/size] not size 7size 7 text not size 7


The easiest way to quote someone is to click the "quote" button on the member's post, then the quoting tags and the post will be inserted for you. You can leave it as-is or delete some of it and only leave the part of their post that you want to quote.

There are two ways to do quoting. One includes the username of the person you are quoting, the other way does not include the username.

FunctionFormatting - (what you enter)Result - (what you get)
QUOTE: with username [quote=SampleUser]This is a quote I heard from SampleUser[/quote] this is not a part of the quote
SampleUser wrote:
This is a quote I heard from SampleUser
this is not a part of the quote
QUOTE: without username [quote]This is a quote without a username[/quote] this is not a part of the quote
In Response To:
This is a quote without a username
this is not a part of the quote


Warning: Inappropriate or offensive images will get you banned.

FunctionFormatting - (what you enter)
IMAGE: [img][/img] this is not part of the image
Result - (what you get)
this is not part of the image

To use an image you must put the image URL between [img] tags.

Here is how to find an image URL of an image:
  1. Right click on the image and select "properties". Like so:

  2. The URL will be in the properties window. Place that URL between the [img] tags:

  3. Place the URL between [img] tags. Like so: