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Adelaide, South Australia

hey peeps

Hi people i would love some feed back on my profile. Things like , is it too much info, too little. Does it sound friendly enough? Cause i am........ I'll accept all reviews as long as its honest. That goes for my photos to. Thanku to everyones response. J
wow handshake
May 18, 2014 6:19 AM CST
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About me and who I'm looking for
About me: Hello you beautiful C/S members... im going to be as quick as possible.on this description as i believe until u meet me a decide for yourself and the chemistry is unmistakably present between us theres no point saying much. If u want to know....ask. Im a person who will do anything for my family & friends to the best of my ability. I'm not one to walk away or turn my back on anyone who i feel i could help in some way. I despise cruelty to animals as im extremely passionate for their well being. Too much more about me to write here...

As far as my kinky side or fetish or turn ons or what eva u want to lable it goes i love playing the submissive role and any guy who feels reserved or conservative about sex and cant be open and at most times take control then im not for u. Though im a one man woman i need my man not to be shy. I get off pleasing him what ever his desires may involve. Ill rock yr world if yr Mr Right. Im extremely loyal as a friend and would never do anything to hurt my man and expect the same respect in return. I hate liars and cheaters and to all u time wasting scammers out there.... [email protected]#k off!!

I know when to be naughty devil and when to be nice angel

I'm looking for: I am over the players life and though it was brief im very ready to settle down. If yr only looking for a fling, good time, one niter or nothing more than 'Wham Bam thanku Mam' then sorry im not for u. Seriously I NOT FOR YOU!!!

I like quick witted and funny but not essential.... A warped S.O.H. like myself would be a bonus but is optional. If u take life too seriously or cant laugh at yrself at times then im sure theres a plank of wood or a box of rocks out there just waiting to meet someone like u. Its not me...
Someone who is willing 2 accept me & my very well behaved 18yr old daughter in there life because we r very close.

P.S. This is only directed at the scammers who pray on the venerable and anyone who is not on this site for its actual purpose. I would appreciate you not wasting my time contacting me...EVA!! U will not get a cent from me no matter how hard your willing to try. Im over it & i mean this in the worst way possible..yr lower than dirt, yr the scum of the planet and karmas a b*tch eventually!


Click Here, Click Here,
I am a:
48 yr-old woman
seeking man, 26-99
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Oceania
Last Online:
Mar 2017
5' 7"  (170 cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Some College
Entrepreneurial / Start-up
I have my own business as a massage therapist and also trapping feral animals when they become a nuisance.
Marital Status:
Never Married
Has Kids:
Yes, they are over 18
Wants Kids:
Not Sure
Looking for:
Long-term Dating
Libra Libra
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Victoria Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Hello justjAX . Yes it sounds friendly and honest. Good luck.handshake
Jun 23, 2014 9:25 PM CST
Englewood, Florida USA
hi :-D yes your profile is great and you are a very beautiful woman.. just hang in there and keep your head up and i'm sure you will have good luck. i was told to participate in blogs and forums. i'm going to give that a shot. the person who suggested that to me said it has helped her. well, best of luck to you and have a wonderful day.
Jul 2, 2014 2:42 AM CST
Adelaide, South Australia Australia
Thanku i have just read yr comment and u have made my day. Though im not having much luck and i try and keep positive im finding it extremely disappointing & dis heartning sifting through scammers con men and the real...sigh... thanks again..
Jul 7, 2014 10:53 AM CST
OutsideofBalionline today!
Baden, Aargau Switzerland
I don't perceive you as a confident woman who knows who she's and is happy with it. One of your pictures is old and on the other one is blurry. I'd rather hear what you've to say about yourself than what your friends have to say.
I don't mean to offend you by being honest and hope I didn't.
There are plenty of online articles on how to create a good profile and what kind of pictures to use.
Wishing you much luck on here!
Jul 7, 2014 5:13 PM CST

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Created: May 2014
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