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ZenVeritas Profile Review

Profile Reviews » ZenVeritas Profile Review
ZenVeritas Review Details
Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

I'd like to know what is thought about my profile both good/bad. How it makes you think of me.

What kind of person do you feel I am after seeing my profile.
Do I come off as someone that would be easy if not intriguing to get to know?
Does the fact that my photo isn't incredibly recent throw off my profile a bunch?
Any thoughts would be thoughts none the less.
Apr 27, 2017 9:55 PM CST
snapshot of ZenVeritas's profile - use scrollbar to view
From a few years back but nothing has changed aside from currently no longer possessing a beard mustache if youd like an morFrom a few years back but nothing has changed aside from currently no longer possessing a beard/mustache (if you'd like an more recent photo feel free to ask)
About me and who I'm looking for
About me: I'm anything but the usual and glad to be such. I've never been one to fit into any group or classification completely, I am simply me. My perspective(s) is/are my own. I live a life centered around my art which is boundless as it is abstractly my own. The creative source of my will is expressed by any means, be it; digital art, photography, cooking/baking, music, video, writing, conversations of profound depth, or experiences within life itself. To me life is art as a whole, creative expression defined through vibration/frequencies which are perceived via light, sound, & our senses.
If there was one person I'd ever compare my mindset/perspective to, it'd be Nikola Tesla. The man had dreams beyond his time and yet envisioned a brighter future for all, designing/inventing everything he could to help the human race reach his dream of a future, in which peace could exist within without limitations being drawn in for profit reasons. (and here I will stop myself on this topic or else it would become an advertisement for the father of alternating current among so many other unheard of/discredited inventions..)

I'm looking for: She is as expansive in her desire to learn as the winds are to change velocity within any given moment. A free spirit with nothing holding her back but the choices she has yet to consider. Open to the mysteries of life within the oasis all surrounding. A beauty of mind and soul, reflective of the world she sees to make possible through her passions of expressive artistry. Intellectual and deep beyond comparison, she is one to wonder the most profound questions ever asked, yet understanding enough to not let any answers she receives from the universe bring her down. Accepting of the beauty of life even though not every facet of it is on it's surface. Lover of animals and the pure essence of nature they define by simply being. Caring and peaceful she is one who describes the problems in the world with a hopeful tone leading to new ideas for a remedy for their cause. Someone who knows that temporary satisfaction is nothing when compared to unconditional love shared with another completely & honestly. Genuine and true to themselves without the need to satisfy the status-quo or long-standing traditions of society/culture. Honest and confident, she is not easily comparable to others.
She lets no experience go to waste and utilizes what she can from all that she bears witness to. Understanding how to appreciate the finer things in life. She loves to experience new horizons and is always willing to go on the next destination-less adventure. Life is not a race to her but instead a journey which is as endless in possibility as her imagination allows.


My passions define my life, ubiquitous as they are..
I am a:
32 yr-old man
seeking woman, 18-35
Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
Last Online:
Jun 2019
6' 3"  (190 cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Eye Color:
Some College
Spiritual but not religious
Currently freelancing until I can figure out the means by which I can receive the income required to live a comfortable life while still maintaining my soul throughout the process..
Trying To Quit
Marital Status:
In a Relationship
Has Kids:
Wants Kids:
Not Sure
Looking for:
Talk/Email/Pen Pal
Gemini Gemini
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Created: Apr 2017
Last Viewed: Jun 27
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