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Merritt Island., Florida USA
Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:01 PM CST

i would like your comment Please.

Hi, ( Smiles )
I.m wondering if my profile is too long.?
do I need to make changes?
I would like your comment.
Thanx Florence...: wink:
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Profile Reviewer
Sialkot, Punjab Pakistan
Nov 28, 2017
Hi nice to see you, your profile is perfect not long, if you need to give comments for your life in fully detail , i think 1000 pages of diary not even enough, wish you happy life.teddybear

Profile Deleted
Dec 11, 2017
Loved your profile
come and chat with me anytime
Profile Reviewer
colombo Sri Lanka
Dec 15, 2017
Nice photo&profile.
Have a happy life.
God bless you.

Profile Reviewer
Olympia, Washington USA
Jan 18, 2018
I think it's just fine your just explaining who you are before anyone wast there time .your just cutting the ones out that you would not have interest in.
Profile Reviewer
Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Feb 4, 2018
Hi there

Ok here are my thoughts:

yes your profile is too long
great pics
I agree with the smoking/beard/thing I hate it too yet I get guys messaging me who smoke and have a beard! I am allergic and I don't like it! But I just chose the category for it under partner I did not state it in my profile I feel if you write too many things like no this no that it puts some guys off but then again its good to be clear so I agree with mentioning that. I agree hats and sunglasses are a turn off. I don't reply if I cannot see his eyes or hair. You mentioned already in your profile regarding the sunglasses in the end again you brought it up I think once is enough coz otherwise it feels like a warning :) But I can understand your frustration coz some guys they don't bother reading the profile and partner criteria!
All in all a good profile very straightforward I wish you the best of luck Florence!

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