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Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:48 AM CST

hi... check me out

what do you think of my pictures?
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Lagos, Faro Portugal
Dec 19, 2017
Unknown: what do you think of my pictures?
Hi Secondglance,

not sure your profile name does you justice, with your captivating beauty and sensational smile one glance was enough to catch my attention.
Your 1st and 3rd photo highlight your natural beauty. Whilst the 2nd captures your warm smile and alluring body, maybe another dress would do you more juastice. Apologies if it´s your favorite atire.
Your write up was comprehensive, honest and informative.
As it is unlikely that we meet up for a coffee, if you ever visit Portugal, i´d be delighted to buy you a coffee and show you around.

Profile Reviewer
Monticello, Florida USA
Dec 20, 2017
You have to know you are a beautiful lady. I am sure any man would love to have you holding his arm as he entered a room. You sound fun loving. It would be nice to know you better. But, I just don't see us being able to ever get together being so far a part.
May God bless you all your days, and I pray you have a blessed Christmas as well.
Profile Reviewer
Covington, Georgia USA
Jan 4, 2018
YOU ARE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS BABY wish you lived in georgia[united states]
Unknown: what do you think of my pictures?
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