get to know me part seven

Just got bad news my 2 Uncles came to the house and my uncle told me my grandmother just passed away during the early hours of Thursday morning and I...
418120Jun 2014Jun 2014Mar 11

get to know me part six

Serving my guests cake and tea here you are enjoy...
384200Jun 2014Jun 2014Mar 16

get to know me part four

Attention: All married men stay away from me and all men that's separated stay away from me thank you for reading this carefully. Remember a man that'...
375410Jun 2014Jun 20144 hrs ago

get to know me part five

This is cool...
24990Jun 2014Jun 2014Mar 19

get to know me part three

This is about a friendship I had for 7yrs with this guy he was like a big brother to me but ever since he met this woman he kinda changed and been not...
459490Jun 2014Jun 2014Mar 7

get to know me part two

I'm a very friendly person very kind and helpful too but just don't mess with me don't be rude and disrespectful to me then I unleash the b*tch in me....
742440Jun 2014Jun 2014Mar 12

get to know me

My name is Nadia and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I was born with epilepsy and I also got mild mental retardation so it's very difficult for any...
833660Jun 2014Jun 2014Feb 19

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