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above: the depths

the smashing wavelenghts got it out for me endearing all of the trecherous infamy you like it rough when the shadows and the shapes make your body...
69630Nov 2007Aug 18 hrs ago

the last supper

in the mist it is clear how can it be one the thoughts range from a spectrum of absolutes how can it you've got the most amazing eyes you see rig...
64600Nov 2007Nov 2007Aug 3


it's been days, you're smile still radiates, passing love through my thoughts for 1300 days. oh my, how did you be so beautiful? I am so proud of al...
85110Nov 2007Nov 2007Aug 3

the sorrow has ended

johnny kill told me a few secrets in a conversation with god. A call that was private was littered other filter noise. the prose must stay because w...
87710Nov 2007Nov 2007Aug 4

Saturday, and the night ahead

Allow me to start this blog off by saying damn it is a beautiful day where I live today! Well I have recieved a flower, which was very nice but no ma...
98110Sep 2007Sep 2007Aug 3

Is there anyone there?

I was just thinking that I wanted Andy Warhol's golden telephone, that you can talk to god on. I am sitting @ the mac, listening to Mushroomhead, amo...
74500Sep 2007Sep 2007Aug 3

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