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Handbook for mankind realizing your full potentail as a human being: Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Handbook for mankind realizing your full potentail as a human being Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Book
by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

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this book are very good for all people...who without knowing anything about can make we found happiness and full of human.
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"We have ourselves, we make use of ourselves, we train ourselves, and we do things connected with ourselves every day. without knowing anything about ourselves, without being able to handle adequately problems concerning ourselves. We are still very definitely subject to suffering, and desire is still present, which produces more and more suffering every day as we grow older, all simply because we don't know the mental life we live. To get to know the Tipitaka (the Buddhist scriptures) and the profound things hidden within it is most difficult. Let us rather set about studying the Buddha's teachings by getting to know our own true nature. CONTENT Chapter 1 Looking at Buddhism, Chapter 2 Pointing to What Is, Chapter 3 The Three Universal Characteristics, Chapter 4 The Power of Attachment, Chapter 5 The Threefold Training, Chapter 6 The Things We Cling To, Chapter 7 Naturally Occurring Insight, Chapter 8 Insight by Formal Training, Chapter 9 Emancipation from the World, Conclusion About Suan Mokkh,
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