A Second Rainbow: Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh

A Second Rainbow Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh Book
by Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh

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It's a romp, about singles, specifically and mainly mature singles, second-timers in the love stakes looking for love, or adventure, or sex, or all of the above.

And it's all happening on a singles website called the Yellow Brick Road, which is not Connecting Singles, but a bit like it. In some ways. Well, get the book and see for yourself.

Oh, and it's not about you, ROFL! You don't appear in it at all, promise. You may think you recognize others in it, but you don't really - we all fall into a type, and some of the most familiar types are in the book. That's all!

There's Dorothy, whose husband always took care of everything, but now he's taking care of someone else.

There's Scarecrowe, her first meet - and Tim Mann, heartless player of note - and Leo, hiding being a coward rather well. Even the Wizard appears, and while there are no witches, or flying monkeys, there are the harpies ...
Couple of good reviews on this, yay! including one or two names I am pretty sure I recognized from right here on CS - thank you x
The longest review:

A Second Rainbow was a terrifically fun read. I really like this authors writing style having read some of her other work and from following her blog where she has been tirelessly researching the dating scene for those of more mature years. This is a writer who has walked the walk and that comes across in this well written book.

We follow Dorothy on her second time around journey in discovering love, lust and everything in between after her marriage fails. This tale is structured around the story of The Wizard of Oz (hence the Dorothy bit, is anyone called that nowadays?) anyway this worked very well as we met and experienced the various men that Dorothy dates.

This book is in the erotica section and I’m not sure where the line is drawn or at what point you have to make it clear to readers that there could be scenes they may find potentially alarming. I found that unlike some erotic novels I’ve read there were no long scenes of an explicitly intimate nature where everything is described but more that this is a rather refreshing read where sex is mentioned, briefly described in quite robustly blunt terms that I really liked.

I happily sailed through this book and was so fully absorbed in the storyline that just like Dorothy I didn’t see the twist coming, not at all, I should have done of course, well because… no I won’t spoil it but it was very well done.

I loved the relationships Dorothy manages to keep, forms and maintains and though her story is very different to mine I have a feeling that should we ever meet we would get on famously. A highly recommended read with great insight into finding that second rainbow many seek.
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Funny, quite sexy, a little shocking, the second-timer must-read!

Single again, and starting over?

A second shot is what you make it, but any mature woman re-entering the dating game on a free-for-all website should be issued with a manual. Peter Pans who have dodged commitment for a lifetime, pathological liars, malignant narcissists, control freaks driven by their anxieties - any or all could be in your starter pack. The mature Mr Perfect doesn’t exist. The faster you realize that, and learn where to compromise and where not, the better, but Dorothy was more naïve than most. From being a woman who had eyed computers from a cautious distance and likens her first orgasm to a rainbow, to someone who collects bizarre companions through the website and whose best friend is a man she only knows online, Dorothy turns from subdued caterpillar into confident butterfly in ways she never suspected possible. There’s love, tears, self-doubt, sex and bitchery in the world of the second-timers, where inhibitions are the one bit of baggage they do relinquish.

Perfect Simon turns out to be a serial cheat with abandonment issues, Tim will say and do anything to get sex, Leo has anxieties no-one would guess from his confident exterior, and Eric sees lying as no problem whatsoever. To be fair, they’re staunchly there for Dorothy when things go horribly wrong, but they’re no-one’s idea of Mr Right. Somewhere along the way, though, there might be a Mr Will Do Nicely?

There's a thread through the book linking it to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum's 1900 classic first book. Copyright for the rest belongs to EJ Lamprey, writing as Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh
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