eCard Rules

  1. No copyrighted images
  2. No images with site names or advertising on them
  3. No personal photos of you or people you know (for public cards only)
  4. No nudity, obscenity, sexual or offensive photos, display of weapons, or illegal activity.
  5. No low quality, tiny, or blurry photos
  6. NO website names - NO copyrighted images - NO offensive material - or card will be deleted.
  7. WARNING: You cannot edit or replace the uploaded image after you press the button below. All other fields can be edited. You can delete this template later if no one has sent it yet.
    1) private eCards will be deleted 3 months after they are created.
    2) You may have up to 10 private eCards.
  9. Tiny photos do not post well and will be deleted. Dark, blurry or poor quality photos will not be posted.

If rules are not followed or complaints are received, your ecard, posts and/or profile may be deleted.

Content posted in eCards becomes the property of Connecting Singles Inc. (This gives the right to permanently display material or written work that you enter. makes no other claim to your writing or eCard).

By posting on this site, you agree that you understand and will abide by site rules.