Serbian 23yr old guy looking for long term relationship (1)

Dec 25, 2013 8:06 AM CST Serbian 23yr old guy looking for long term relationship
BorisSRBBorisSRBNovi Sad, Vojvodina Serbia1 Threads 1 Posts
Hi, my name is Boris, I'm 23, a Certified System Administrator for Network Infrastructure. I am looking for older women who I could rely on, and who's interested into long-term relationship/ possible marriage.

I am good looking, and ... I was already dating with lot of women that were either divorced or single moms with 2 kids (max.); so I don't lack in experience.

- I am just looking for a good life partner that whereby we could be a solid lean-on for each other. I speak fluently English, without any accent so... Girls, elder girls, women... Single moms - Feel free to contact me!

Skype ID: milanovicboris (in request put code: I am interested, from connecting site ______ (name).) Or here.

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