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Catchy "User Names"... ?1,42340Apr 2014Jul 2014Jan 21
Who's Afraid Of A Washing Machine...?1,05137Jan 2014Apr 201423 hrs ago
My Local Butcher's....Doesn't Sell... "Karate Chop's"...??30211Apr 2014Apr 2014Nov 21
Anyone Ever Tie A Knot In An Elephant's Trunk...??1,2199Apr 2014Apr 2014Jan 21
I Once Pulled The "Ring", Out Of A "Bulls" Nose....??3086Apr 2014Apr 2014Jan 1
Still Not Get'n Girl's...??28310Apr 2014Apr 2014Jan 16
My Local Butcher's....Doesn't Sell... "Karate Chop's"...??1041Apr 2014Apr 2014Dec 27
I Just Bought A Black Belt In Dunnes Stores3146Apr 2014Apr 2014Jan 3
"Bruce Lee"... Attacked Me In My Dream, Last Night29913Apr 2014Apr 201415 hrs ago
What's On Your Mind Part 692573Apr 2014Apr 2014Dec 14
What Are You Fear's...??40316Mar 2014Mar 2014Jan 19
Who Is "sPonGeBob sExyPanT's " & What Is The Super "sOciaL RomAnTic geNiuS"3245Mar 2014Mar 2014Nov 26
XxSouLsEaRcHerxX1983Mar 2014Mar 2014Nov 22
How To Become A "Billionaire"700Mar 2014Mar 2014Nov 30
Tiddle My Feet........87229Mar 2014Mar 2014Jan 21
What's... "NOT" On Your Mind....20016.....??99024Feb 2014Feb 2014Jan 21
Why Does Every Woman, Take A Mobil Photo Pic , In A Mirror....3,459132Feb 2014Feb 201412 hrs ago
My Experience, How To Become A Billionaire1,03737Dec 2013Feb 2014Jan 20
What's Your Favorite "Milk Tray" Choc...??60820Feb 2014Feb 201410 mins ago
A Completely Different Thread - Classic's From Child Hood25510Feb 2014Feb 2014Jan 20
Broken Knee & Jaw2125Feb 2014Feb 2014Jan 17
"Super Romantic Genius".. Want's To Date You..??2353Feb 2014Feb 201413 hrs ago
Any Girls Look'n For A Date??1,30645Jan 2014Feb 2014Jan 20
Giving Up Smoking40914Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 11
Trollies1,12060Jan 2014Jan 2014Dec 19
Mr Romantic......"sOciaL RomAnTic geNiuS"2544Jan 2014Jan 2014Nov 14
Sometime's Makeing No Sense, Makes No Sense At All...?1805Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 19
Lobsters Or Lice?? Which Tastes Better??2326Jan 2014Jan 2014Nov 17
Sometimes Making No Sense Makes Sense...?1245Jan 2014Jan 2014Nov 16
Brain Power56422Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 14
Underwater Chess Chapion 20143903Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 19
Puzzle1806Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 21
Would A Woman Make A Great President, & If So... How Would They Make A Difference...?31012Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 14
Would You Trade Your Dish Washer For A Woman??940Jan 2014Jan 201414 hrs ago
xXSoul SearcherXx40615Dec 2013Jan 201419 hrs ago
Seven Valentines Songs2985Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 19
Dragons Den2543Dec 2013Jan 2014Dec 6
Can A Three Legged Race Be Won While Carrying A Chair...??1324Jan 2014Jan 20148 hrs ago
Percentages23113Jan 2014Jan 2014Dec 29
XxSouLsEaRcHerxX "sOciaL RomAnTic geNiuS"26511Jan 2014Jan 2014Dec 4
XxSouLsEaRcHerxX "sOciaL RomAnTic geNiuS"1512Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 21
OXO Or BOVRIL.....??1364Jan 2014Jan 2014Jan 21

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