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Prometheus Movie (2012)

Following clues to the origin of mankind, a team find a structure on a distant moon, but they soon find they are not alone.
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If you enjoy sci-fi dramas that offer new theories on the origins of the universe, answers some age-old questions and presents some exciting action, then, Ridley Scott directed "Prometheus" may be for you.

"Prometheus" written to be a prequel to Ridley Scott's "Alien" series is set in 2089, as two scientists concur that, through numerous findings of similar drawings, centuries old and throughout a myriad of locations, that the engineers of the human species were inviting them to visit them in space.

Move forward a few years and after being in "Stasis", a science fiction definition of hypersleep and the scientists are aboard the spacecraft Prometheus, along with several other scientists, funded by Weyland Industries.

The movie stars Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers, the head of the Weyland Corporation, as well as Michael Fassbender, who plays the serene Android, David. It also stars Logan Marshall Green as Charlie Holloway, Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw and Idris Elba as Janek, the captain of the ship.

It is Shaw and Holloway's findings that help get the expedition started. Theron plays a cold, sleek head who conveys that her interests are purely financial. While Shaw is the most nuanced, she is led by her belief in a greater power as well as her belief that humans were engineered by another species.

The other scientists seem to be, seemingly, only along for the ride and are not necessarily as deeply involved as Shaw. The movie goes on to show that Fassbender, although created to serve, seems to display a curiosity himself and wants to find the origins for his own reasons.

Idris Elba, as the captain, portrays someone with a depth of character, work ethic and morals that are helpful to the crew.

As the movie progresses, there are gory scenes of members being killed and some coming back to life. Of course, it can't be an "Alien" prequel without that. Also, although not all movies need to be filmed in 3D, "Prometheus" brings it to another level, especially with scenes depicting the creation of the universe.

Shaw overcomes many chilling obstacles and also a horrific self-mutilation scene in her quest for answers. At times, the movie makes you wonder if some the scientists even think before making choices they have made.

Fassbender's character makes you wonder if the Android can actually have feelings. Also, the movie does offer some answers that have been left hanging by the previous "Alien" movies.

Overall, "Prometheus" offers a well-executed 3D film that may leave you with something to talk about when the movie is over.
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Following clues to the origin of mankind, a team find a structure on a distant moon, but they soon find they are not alone.
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