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Kim Richey: KIM RICHEY

Kim’s first album, probably more country/Nashville than her later ones but I like it.
I seem to remember this came from America, ordered through Amazon UK.

In Kim’s words: “ My very first record, produced by the wonderful Richard Bennett. I remember listening to it in finished form for the first time on the drive back from Memphis (where we mixed the record) to Nashville. The beautiful guitar intro to "Those Words We Said" kicked in just as I was going up the ramp onto I-40. It is still one of my most favorite pieces of music. Thanks, Richard.”

Those Words We Said
Here I Go Again
You'll Never Know
That's Exactly What I Mean
Let The Sun Fall Down
Just Like The Moon
From Where I Stand
Sweet Mysteries
Just My Luck
Can't Find The Words
That's A Lie
Echoes Of Love

ASIN: B000001ED5

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