RE: Anybody else in my area?

maybe if someone could see you it might help/

RE: How to heal a broken heart?

you should always listen to your DOCTOR//time washes clean

RE: whhhy oh why!

these guys do that because they think thats what a lady wants/they havnt the brains to go slow they do it because they dont know any better/ and they only way they will ever be able to express themselves is with symbols

RE: I am kind of tired with this online dating thing!

you have to understand that youre not the only one going thru this/over 90 percent of what i get are scammers and it can be tiresome/but once in a while they are real/and out of the ones that i get/they are not what im looking for/some people play the lottery and because they dont win right away/they dont want to play anymore/thats what youre doing/keep on playing like the rest of us/youre not alone /were all going thru the same thing/and we just keep on playing/and thats what youre going to do/all things come to her/if she is patient/nver give up your ship til its sinking/ norman///by!

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