RE: Who is the Creator?

2 planets in space meet
how are you? one asks
bad, very very bad, the other answers
why this?
I have homo sapiens
do not worry about it - that will pass

RE: Age is Just a number

the title of this thread is:
age is just a number,
but most here writing about love and money and.....

so it is right: age is just a number, nothing more

and if those numbers in a partnership are too different then it is not real love, it is more business and calculation, but important is that both may be happy

RE: Which nationality makes the best lovers??

this remembers me to the hell-heaven differences:

HEAVEN is where:
The police are British
The chefs Italian
The mechanics are German
The lovers are French
and it's all organised by the Swiss

HELL is where:
The police are German
The chefs are British
The mechanics are French
The lovers are Swiss
and it's all organised by the Italians!!

but this is only europe
what about worldwide?

RE: More migrants?

I like to know how many IS fighters will also come to europe as migrants and in 10 years we have here the chaos.

so NO for more migrants here in europe. our countries may support those migrants in their home country that they not even have the idea to come here. would be also cheaper.

here in germany some people already would like to have free internet for the migrants. and the stupid german always will pay. stop this ! ! !

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