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RE: fake profiles

Lots Spanish live in the UK and can't speak English.

RE: The Brits are building wall!!...

You doing ok'ish until you brought god into it.
Oh and the wall is to protect truck drivers from harm, as criminals keep
trying to break into them.

All the criminals that try this live in the "Jungle".

So when can we all come break into and squat in your house?
These violent criminals are not my brothers or sisters and should be deported back to Africa from where most of them come.

You are one very deluded person, but then again most folks that spout crap about invisible deities usually are.

RE: UK and Brexit

Yes France has problems, but at least they are waking up to the
fact. Belgium, just more of the same thing.

Not only by not addressing the problem, a certain religious cult that should by banned in Europe. Their beloved EU, is bankrupt.
Greece is now nothing more than a failed state, and soon to be joined
by Italy, Spain and Portugal.

RE: UK and Brexit

I think you will find plenty of young people voted to leave, but then a lot did not bother voting as per usual. You should try other sources for information, that way you get a better idea of what is going on.

The only country been taken hostage is Belgium, your country has been given away to muslims. Start growing a beard.

RE: Terrorist attacks in Nice, French Riviera, South France. Again. So sad.

wtf driving a truck over babies in prams, oh sorry I see you are from Sweden. You are already on your way to being a muslim colony.

This is a list of forum posts created by Picatrix.

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