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RE: Denmark approves burka ban

The solution to this problem is simple: when Muslim countries will allow women to go around in bikini in the middle of their cities then we will allow Muslim women to wear a burka in European cities.

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

I am quite surprised. I live in Scandinavia and see plenty of local white girls hanging out with black guys and many of them happily married to some. I also know girls who want specifically black guys and nothing else.

RE: How many tests before a woman loses respect and interest in her dude before or after marriage

Her: "Honey remember to put the toilet seat down before you rlush"
Him: "Out of the bathroom you vouyer!"
Her: "Did you hear what I said?"
Him: "Out!" slams the door...

Wonderful love making follows:)

This is a list of forum posts created by zarathustra_fi.

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