RE: The Good Night Thread

Its been fun...Good night from Christchurch...sleep

Wherever you are in the world...wishing you a wonderful day or the sweetest dreams


Finding Love...

Yes and sometimes...its not about getting cold feet...but its about timing...Then we are left with regrets from opportunities not taken...hoping for second chances is like holding our breath and not running out of air :)

Anyway...I love the joke...I don't have long shopping list lol
Cheers for the laugh laugh

Finding Love...

hahahalaugh rolling on the floor laughing grin did she drop her tarot cards doh

Finding Love...

Sounds like its working for you hehe :) but don't turn it into a revolving door laugh

Finding Love...

Of course it was...

That's why you're still here..

Finding Love...

We all love the persistent ones hehe :)

Finding Love... do I :) don't give up Track

Finding Love...

Not sure about that...has it worked for you so far cheers

Finding Love...

I like how you think :) hehe great advice

Yeah I'll drink a vodka wine

Cheers Cosmicgift

Finding Love...

You're a gem...:) maybe I'll catch him sometime...

We did talk...but it's been a while..

Finding Love...

Oh well...who ever he is...He must've found a match if he's not around anymore :) cool bananas

Finding Love...

Hi Anna :) thank you

It's how I feel...too much judgement and not enough understanding..
We all need to be brave and meet people...for real...go beyond our keyboards!!


Finding Love...

Which guy from Ashburton was that?? :) haha
If he's not here anymore....someone else must've nailed him lol laugh

Maybe next year when my son goes to Uni...I'll move to another location in New Zealand...I may have better odds somewhere new. :) hehe

Cheers for your advice Epirb :)

Finding Love...

Hi Dedovix :) thanks your idea of casting spells and love potions sounds perfect thumbs up heart wings wink

Finding Love...

You're definitely right there...real life is much better...I'm shy at its not easy meeting new people in real life lol :)

We're all looking for that connection :)

Thanks for your advice One2note


Finding Love...

Sounds like a great idea Len :)

Because finding someone to have a date with isn't working so far hehe

Finding Love...

Thank you Swami :) you have highlighted the issue at its heart...too much choice doh sigh

So I'll remain a butterfly hehe heart wings

Finding Love...

Is it just me, or is it the same for most of us on CS?
From my point of view...finding someone...the right someone seems to be an elusive dream lol :)

Trying to catch someone's attention can be an impossible view profiles...they don't look at yours :)
You can't decide if being bold is the way to send a message...or do you wait for the other person to message you first? Oh the dilemma haha

I'm at the point of throwing in the towel :)
I'm tired of talking and little action haha

I am certain there is a match out there for me somewhere hehe :) but where?

I feel distance is the biggest barrier in finding people agree with me?confused dunno
We can meet great people online...but never connect with them in real life...wish is true shame.

I think we should take some risks in our order to find true happiness.


RE: Marriage regrets???

No, I don't regret my marriage...because I have an awesome son :) grin thumbs up
I just wish I'd had the courage to leave sooner....

We are still friends....

Now I look to the future....and hope to find a man to share the next part of my life...grin heart wings dancing

Happy New Year Chris cheers hug

RE: Why are you on Connection Singles ?

I'm here to find someone luck so far :) lol grin

RE: 7.8 Earthquake hits New Zealand!!

And add to that followed by a 6.7 mag aftershock!!!!!!!blues moping sigh wow crying thumbs down

RE: 7.8 Earthquake hits New Zealand!!

Just had a mag 5.0 aftershock!!!
blues wow

Gosh I hate these things thumbs down uh oh crying

RE: 7.8 Earthquake hits New Zealand!!

Thank you for the caring....bless you hug

RE: 7.8 Earthquake hits New Zealand!!

Hi was a hard was officially a 7.5 mag quake it lasted about 2 mins!! It was only 15 kms deep!!!
Very scary was followed by several large aftershocks in the 6's and 5's aftershocks are continuing now...4's every few minutes....

Where the epicenter is....near Kaikoura and Culverden .....they are cut off with large slips....rock falls and broken roads etc...they have no water or sewage and power is badly affected!!
And sadly two people have died. :(

The quake was 50 times larger than the Big quake in Christchurch where I live almost six years ago

This quake was North of Christchurch.

Try to read New Zealand news online for accurate information!! :)

Keep sending good thoughts....they need it!!

Cosmic (Michelle)

Just Be Honest...

A quote I found....

"Guys, it's simple...
If you don't have any intentions of being with her long term, tell her.
If you're dating multiple women and not sure you want to be in a serious
relationship, don't string her along.
If you just got out of a relationship and are trying to get your life together,
don't give her false hope. Women are not fragile creatures who can't
handle the truth. We just need someone man enough to tell us
his intentions from the start." bouquet

RE: single Women

For some women, it really depends on their past experience with relationships...whether they have been married or not...and how they were treated etc....marriage may not be an important factor now. But having a life partner would be nice...:)

I feel most of us are looking for a soulmate, men and women, but it depends on how we define a "soulmate" grin

I think we all want love in our share time with someone, and finding a life partner is why we are here.

I wish us all the luck in the we can find "the one" :)heart wings smitten


wave Saying hi to everyone...wishing you all a great weekend cheering ...sending you some sunshine from my place to yours grin teddybear

RE: Initial importance. Love or Sex.

Thanks Chris for the posting this...certainly makes us think grin but until we meet someone, we don't know how we will respond...depends on the chemistry and timing hehe wine

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