RE: Which part of ur partners body do u appreciate the most ?

stunning so many people with partners on here

RE: UK and Brexit

The problem is the lies presented to a mainly under educated population. 90% have no clue dumm just follows dummer. And yes all the hard working never complaining legal foreigner who pay tax for the once that voted out. I am afraid but those dole collectors and pensioners will have to clean the streets, work the fields and treat their sick people alone soon. Why do soooooooooooooooooooo many foreigners get jobs the British wont apply for? Is even enough jobs to cover legal and illegals. Imagine. When the 60% of those foreign owned companies and their 100% foreign employs leave there wont be much left in the shops or for dole or pension! Not to mention the Eu immigrants can´t claim anything unless they work. But instead of educating each other and themselves they just blabber. You want to fish 500 tons instead of a 150 tons of which half the fish is thrown back DEAD in the sea because the British wont eat that fish. Go and fish your 500 tons per fisher, keep complaining. In 5 years time I will have a nice fish dish and so will the UK, the only difference they will have a nice jellyfish dish because there simply will nothing left to fish. Karma

RE: would u choose true love or money?

Your comment is not ok, maybe she is just tired of being f*ck over. Honestly she turns the money down and next day he is gone anyway. Same Vice versa.

RE: Do People Judge You by How Many FB friends you have?

lol no well at least I dont. Besides you only have a limited amount of real friends. I have loads on Fb but most added from games I use to play when I was bored

Malta!!! Rinella Bay on the 10.06.17 Age 35+

Fun to come, BBQ, open fire, torches, music and games. Feel free to come 20:00 pm.
Everyone should bring something to eat and drink. Lets increase the fun Factor.devil

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