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RE: How much is a 12 inch scar worth on the neck, post below in currentcy of £ sterling


I hope you think this enough.angel and old enough to be confused what I mean. devil

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

The thing was you had the choice of voting for one of two bad apples and which one got in wouldn't do any good for the country in the long term.


Yes I have a profile on farcebook but without a photo, but might use my dogs photo (I do know of two people who have done this) and for safety my dob is incorrect, as it is the first day of the month and not the correct date. The only reason I have one is because some of my interests have facebook profiles and need one to use these sites.

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

This shows what a crap voting system the yanks have got for anything like this to happen, as their name should be removed from the voting list (if your country has one) when voters have died as in the UK.

RE: Photos?

The thing is some people who are after these photos can blackmail you to pay them money so to stop them sending to your friend on facebook and work if they know where you work if you do things like this.

So think twice before doing things like this.

RE: Female profile pictures

The thing in real life how often do you see someone for the first time when you just see their head and shoulders, unless they are the other side of a wall/fence. The head and shoulders is an important part of how s/he looks, but by just saying that this is the only part what matters is wrong as the rest of the body is important as well. For instance if I met a lady who only had a head and shoulders photos and saw she had large breasts this would put me off for starters, but some males would like them like this against smaller ones. Yes a young female has the youthful look but a older female also can look good if she looks after her body.

RE: Zuckerberg says Facebook will not sell your personal information in 2009

Money talks and when you get people wanting to get return on their money they have invested information will be sold to make this money. Yes I have a farce book account but without a photo and if I do put one up (they do keep asking for one) it will be of the dog, and my date of birth isn't correct as it is the first day of the month as I never trust sites like this with my information.

RE: Naked and afraid trailer

The Dutch one dose show everything against been fuzzed out in the USA program.

RE: Is a car required nowadays ?

The dog had to go for her annual booster today and by car Google listed as 9 minuets and by bus 1 hour and 27 minuets with 29 minuets of that walking to catch the bus.

RE: could you be good looking and not know it

The lady who is the manageress of the local village shop said one day that the reason I am single as I am too good looking and the ladies think they aren't good enough for me. But I think I am plain looking and the ladies know they can do better.

This is a list of forum posts created by Naturalofcourse.

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