Women and Trump

he may build a Canada border wall grin wave

RE: Ha! Ha! Ha!


RE: Ha! Ha! Ha!

The old man said he has see the Trump giggle rolling on the floor laughing

Women and Trump

HL , can't still write you an email grin

You can see me grin laugh

Women and Trump

Ladies , is Mr Trump hot to you ?grin

RE: I don't like or respect Donald Trump because....

I love Trump so very extremely bad ( Melania Trump I mean )grin

RE: Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Hi HL , don't know much about Trump ,I just shared my feeling about people with disabilities wine

RE: Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Thats bad and sad also. All are created by God , better to show love and sympathy to the people with disabilities instead of laughing at them , God likes the humanity

RE: how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?

one of the inspiring agriculture country , as well as .....Amsterdam wine cheers

Sign In

I do have to sign in every time whenever I get on CS .
Does it happen with you also ?

RE: Communist Party USA

yes , the salt has many health properties which helps to improve health , never been in the salt mines .
Sorry can't write you due to your mail setting

RE: Men, how would y9u handle this?

she seems easy going , do not hurt her , just start cheating her as she does with u grin

RE: Adam's apple

The Apple was Granny Smith grin

RE: Communist Party USA

Hi HL wave

I found that Salt Lamps are easily available here, also the site stated the benefits of the Lamps.

How is weather there , would you mind to share some photos of your farm and surrounding ?wine

Sorry for Hijacking the topic

RE: Big Brother is watching You

Nosey spy software ' it is crime

RE: unhappist nation in the world?

Israel , They say they are unhappy

RE: Did you know....

did you know Dee , Ireland also produce the Fruit ?grin

Hi laugh wave

RE: YouTube

Mischief , Looks like singer been dating 3 women at a time and got hurt rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Spam Emails

Awww...they write to you also ? Might be crazy rolling on the floor laughing
Hi MCwave

RE: Communist Party USA

True Himalayan Salt comes from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan.laugh

Cheers HL , we have True Himalayan salt cheers

RE: Communist Party USA

sounds good ,cattle farming is a big business here also , we have all kind of cattle here , from Milk to mutton and skin it is popular here.

Have you heard about Moringa ? It is a very beneficial herb tree with pack of Vitamins / minerals and an excellent natural remedy .might be a good choice if you plant a new garden .

The Salt lamps seem good with many benefits , I will look in the market wine

RE: Communist Party USA

Natural Ripen Bananas are awesome , I don't use chemicals or gas to ripe the banana at home , just wrap them in the bag and keep at normal room temperature .

I have no idea of Salt Lamps as I haven't use them .

HL , your profile says you spend time on the Family farm in TN , is it agriculture Farm ? The best of my knowledge TN is basically an agriculture state along with AR .

RE: Communist Party USA

Thanks HL , good to see you too .

I do grow many crops according season so something is always under harvest , Banana goes year round with 1 - 2 harvest per month wine

RE: Communist Party USA

hi HL , politics is a never ending story wine

RE: Spam Emails

very easy , keep blocking them cheers

RE: Scammers

don't be tired Hon you can contact me , I am real grin

Living single

you meant we are from 11th century that's why women dont want to marry ?laugh

Living single

I good man creates a good relationship Molly hug

Living single

How it is good for women to spend a single life although they get offers from good guys no matter from foreigner? confused

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