RE: Ireland

beautiful women heart wings

RE: Advice needed

it will not produce honey , let it go

RE: The advantages of Living in the countryside ..

being a Farmer I do live in the countryside and I do love it so much , it is so peaceful and nice , no smoke , rush or traffic , wine

RE: Did Boban1 leave CS?

might be prisoned in the cave ?confused laugh

RE: is there a DEVIL???

Yes many of them hows there?laugh

RE: Gifted children

yes , but not responded conversing

RE: Gifted children

Hi Aries bro , how far Totnes is from u ?wave

RE: Hook ups

I never saw an English woman met any guy on here conversing

RE: Woman and Reply's

you meant women are wrong ? laugh

Question for Women

Its ok , let them make fun , you can do something as well cheers grin

Question for Women

Single since 92 ?love may i know your email address please ?grin laugh

Hi Snookum wave

RE: I need to find a wife

what about Dee ? She is quite pretty grin

RE: Is Obama a Muslim?

aahh yes , you are in trouble laugh

RE: Is Obama a Muslim?

let's peep in his pants rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What truly turns you off - Part 2

You are right , some people don't see and accept the truth,we usually meet them thumbs up

CS Dream

was she that pretty ?laugh

CS Dream

your dream address please ? laugh

CS Dream

Lol will come hug laugh

RE: Heat wave

38C is normal here in summer , we get happy when we have under 40C , sometimes we get 44 even 47 C which is killing

CS Dream

you will comfort laugh

RE: W H Y .................?

not bad ,let me ask u a question , Alec said you appeared in his dream , why ?grin laugh

CS Dream

how does she look like ?laugh cheers

CS Dream

ouucchhh grin grin

Thank you Alec bro handshake
Have a good time together cheers laugh

CS Dream

hi Daniela , yes ,lot of mangoes here wave

CS Dream

Who ?grin

CS Dream

you were not here from a long time Bodleiwine

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