Overcoming Shyness

This poll,just like many others, will show absolutely nothing but Its a chance for shy people to com...
1,6002458Aug 2012

Flippin` the bird

Somehow I don`t quite understand why people wave at random strangers with their middle finger or why...
1,092720Jul 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen it`s party time post a picture or a joke ,say anything that comes to your min...
650212Sep 2011

Show me your knickers

What kind of underwear would you like to see your partner in Post a picture of the ones you are...
19,40111463Apr 2011

Should I hide my profile

Don`t you people just love polls.......
1,3194854Jan 2011

Pillow fight ore strip poker

lets get this show on the road .... no pain no gain .......
9074834Jul 2010

Atention Freak

This is my first poll.......
1,2495469Jan 2010

This is a list of Polls created by Boban1.

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