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Langley, British Columbia Canada
Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:37 AM CST

What do you think of me I'm new to dating sites :)

I like wrestling ;) and listening to music I you wanna know more msg me
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Profile Deleted
Jan 15, 2014
Use no words to have sex even if you like it.
A woman would feel because of this word reduces it.
Turn your image 180 degrees and laughing show vitality.
And no half-face images!

Wish you good luck on your search!
Profile Reviewer
Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
Jan 15, 2014
Most self respecting ladies will move on quickly.
You say nothing about affection, as if any woman will do who can cook and look after you.
But if you are willing to look yourself, go to TAGS, because I wouldn't wait for ladies to answer by sending you mail.....
Of course you could rewrite the profile......and add more photos.

lowell, Massachusetts USA
Jan 19, 2014
Add more images, women prefer whole body image, not just faces. Describe more about your job or family. be more constructive when it comes to describing who you are and what you do. Don't put anything "typical" because women would immediately assume "like making money" is from an anonymous source and its too vague. Just be caution when writing your bio. You can tell them more about yourself when you meet up eventually.

Profile Deleted
Aug 17, 2014
Retired??? Also what do you give to woman? You want to take only...picture also upside down and not clear...comfort
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