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Athens, West Greece Greece
Sat Apr 4, 2015 8:15 AM CST

What do i do wrong?

Seriously guys,what's wrong with me?I'm a good looking,funny,loving and caring guy yet no woman replies back at me!Is it because i'm 24 years old or because i seem desperate to find a woman?I would like both men and women to check out my profile and tell me their point of view.
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farfaraway, Aargau Switzerland
Apr 5, 2015
Without a doubt, your profile has desperation all over it and this tends to scare any good woman off. I'd get rid of the second and third picture (the third one looks outdated) and would get real on the age group you're looking for. After all, you definitely want kids.
Write something about yourself, something one can connect over with you.

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