Success Stories (61)

marieljf and Charles1993 Success Story

marieljf and Charles1993

Her: I have found my one true love x he has everything i Ever dreamt of Kind, Loving and patient. Him: Well I believe it was destiny but this website was everything. We have a very strong relationship and one day I wish that we marry each other....

  • marieljf
  • Malta
I do not remember and I do not remember ei Success Story

I do not remember and I do not remember ei

My partner and I met on this site over 5 years ago. 5 years later we are still together and very happy. I do not remember either of our usernames as it has been a while. Thank you connecting singles for introducing me to the love of my life....

  • I do not remember
  • Malta
keshmikz and mrsweet79 Success Story

keshmikz and mrsweet79

Was the best day of my life when I met you we instantly clicked all our likes and dislikes were the same we are very honest and open to thoughts , my ideal wish to post losts 0f pics s00n...

  • keshmikz
  • South Africa
megantt and blimerno1 Success Story

megantt and blimerno1

Just when I had given up on love after a failed relationship, I met blimerno1 on CS around December 2010. I initiated the meet by sending him a hello email as he looked like a native from the Caribbean where I am from. However he was of African desce...

  • megantt
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Married
Sweetncaring and dadtothree Success Story

Sweetncaring and dadtothree

I have try other dating site but it all was the same until I join Connecting Singles there where I metted Marc. We started talking on the computer and phone, then decided to meet Aug 17th, 2013. We knew it was love at first site. We can't wait t...

  • Sweetncaring
  • Maine USA
bud6890 and kissingthefools Success Story

bud6890 and kissingthefools

I just want to thank ct singles for bringing me closer to a girl i would have never met any were eles she is amazing she lives an hr away but in th past few weeks we have drown closer. to each other an now r dating and can't get enough of each other...

  • bud6890
  • Connecticut USA
kelso and p derek Success Story

kelso and p derek

Hi people I know I never wasted my time on this site I found my dream man on this site he is one in a million he loves me to bits we will be meet shortly to discuss our future I pray for couples GOD BLESSINGS. That ull also find your dream partners o...

  • kelso
  • South Africa
aishahjanz and dsquared29 Success Story

aishahjanz and dsquared29

i met my soulmate on this site..and we really thankful in connecting singles..we had plan to met this august..and thank you for the creator on this site..more power and god bless..i dont know what words more i can say to this site..thank you..thank y...

  • aishahjanz
  • Philippines
scorpion queen74 and hotshoenumber3 Success Story

scorpion_queen74 and hotshoenumber3

I look back to when I first met my husband three years ago in April 2010, it was here on Connecting Singles site. I was living in Paris, France and he was on a business trip there then when we actually met, dated, fell in love and the rest is history...

  • scorpion_queen74
  • Connecticut USA
  • Married
Madelyn102030 and Swade777 Success Story

Madelyn102030 and Swade777

I didn't really expect to meet anyone except a pen pal or two here and didn't even think it was possible to meet the love of my life online! But, we are very much in love and we are so happy. We connected in every way before ever even meeting one a...

  • Madelyn102030
  • USA
jenitsaros and deliana1981 Success Story

jenitsaros and deliana1981

I met Diana on this dating site, when i was searching for Love. We started to talk from Skype and Facebook. And started to like one eachother. After a while, i came to see Diana in Chisinau (Rep.of Moldova). We got engaged on November 30,2012. And...

  • jenitsaros
  • Greece
  • Engaged
foxylocks and wanyo1 Success Story

foxylocks and wanyo1

Meet this gorgeous hunk from wexford in june. I fell head over heels on our second date. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Your my twin flame wanyo1 :-) So glad i found this site :-D...

  • foxylocks
  • Ireland
camxucdirong and zebaztian Success Story

camxucdirong and zebaztian

Thanks CS ! I met Zeb and we are already married. I thought this is a right time to leave CS. Hope I will not comeback....

  • camxucdirong
  • Norway
anelenav and chris9183 Success Story

anelenav and chris9183

My name is Anele, I am a 23 years old Lithuanian woman. I joined CS nearly 2 years ago. It was 21st of December, 2010 and I felt I was ready to meet someone special, but didn't want to spend my time in bars or night clubs, because my interests were c...

  • anelenav
  • Lithuania
buniette and toby77jo Success Story

buniette and toby77jo

Soo much thank you for this site, been long time i was a bit difficult to get fallin love again, when others just want to playing and don't have nice intention. But then i met someone who make me comfort with, someone who accept me completely! It's a...

  • buniette
  • Belgium
berthall and jennababii78 Success Story

berthall and jennababii78

i want to thank you very much i have found my true sole mate and im very happy with her she is the most amazing gal in the world and she means everything too me with out this site i would still be single thank you very much. best to luck with everyon...

  • berthall
  • New York USA
spazztic1029 and paisan86 Success Story

spazztic1029 and paisan86

My sister initially started me on this website and didnt tell me about it. She found paisan86 who responded to the photo of myself and my daughter. After a few email exchanges between those two, my sister informed me of the site and that I might get...

  • spazztic1029
  • Texas USA
online14 and joelle2912 Success Story

online14 and joelle2912

We met here in the forums nearly a year ago and started to talk on a daily basis. The distance seemed a little far so we were good friends and over time we fell in love. We met on the 29th of december 2011 after speaking for over 6 months and I...

  • online14
  • Australia
nicki love and Brentte W Success Story

nicki_love and Brentte_W

We met here in September 2011... we spoke here for a couple days and exchanged email addresses and facebook adds... We realised we knew each other from a long time ago, were part of the same soccer team at one time.. I was the secretary of the team a...

  • nicki_love
  • Trinidad and Tobago
beautybella and solar2 Success Story

beautybella and solar2

my girl friend has invited me to join CS since 2008, but I am just not so keen for online dating, until mid of May this year, she has been bugging me everyday and just to give-in, i created an account on 01 Jun and received a flower on 04 Jun from so...

  • beautybella
  • Canada
  • Engaged
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