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Husand Kill Second Wife

These are unconfirmed allegations…not endorse by me at alll

It’s quite unfortunate that Beachy strikes again and Sassy had to go. Sweet girl but you cannot make a deal with the devil knowingly and not expect consequences. In 2009, when the man had Petal (1st wife) killed, he was involved with the recently deceased Sassy (2nd wife). The wife was going through hell; this young girl came in the picture, her husband wasn’t hiding it and as a prominent businesswoman she was embarrassed in Port Antonio. She was fiery so she fought Sassy a couple of times. I remember days before she died, the wife rush Sassy, Sassy ran into a bar and the wife grabbed Sassy’s phone that Beachy had purchased and hit her in the face with it over and over while shouting “Oh, so a this a cause the problem??!”. Days later the husband took care of the problem; had her killed. Sassy got promoted. Here’s my issue with that: THE ENTIRE PORTLAND and its DIASPORA IS CRYING OUT NOW saying BEACHY EVIL. They cried out the same way when the first wife was killed BECAUSE EVERYONE KNEW

he did it. But money and hype mek people overlooked it after a while. They know this man, his son and his entire tribe are murderers and evildoers and Portland people, all who a cry this morning, all break bread with them regardless. They whispered about it but still, in 2017 when Sassy turned 30, Beachy again bought their loyalty by bringing Spice to Portland free of cost and all a dem coc up over Old Marina a drink and a dance and a tek picture with the murderer (pictures attached). Now unu a bawl again. That man should have been canceled from then. Boycott him supermarkets and blacklist his other businesses! No, unu love likes so unu wrap with him and akikiki with him.

Finally , let it be known that Beachy had Sassy’s father killed in 2018 and her mother narrowly escaped, all because they were trying to pull her away but it was too late. SASSY KNEW! She couldn’t have done anything out of fear for her life, but as I said in the beginning, you make a deal with the devil, so there are consequences. She knew he killed his first wife for her, because he wanted to get her and not pay a cent to the wife in a divorce, so why she thought it couldn’t happen to her? Ladies, money, popularity, vehicles and power, are not worth your life and soul. Work hard, it might not come fast but be diligent until you can afford a comfortable life for yourself. Rest easy Tonia Hamilton, you were sweet from school days but this devil of a man used wealth to make you forego your conscience and morals, he took over your life, and took it away in the end. This is a sorry tale. Don’t be surprised if he gets a way scotch free

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