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RE: Arabella

Hi there ... (from Dhaka)
knock me on ...

I am a fun-loving Artist, who loves life and is looking for a companion who is also fun-loving, honest, sincere, caring and is too looking forward!!!

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hungry but still cannot eat

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RE: Reccomended island

uau. i want to live there . what can i do to make that happen?dancing

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wellshire farm bacon so u can't blame her. ijs

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RE: Me and mom

Personally i really like your explanation about your match in your profile. That is straight forward. I try to arrange my one too because I have met scammer a lot here.
Have a nice day

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RE: Me and mom

How nice to see you interact with your mom like this , and to see her so happy with you!
Please contact me so we can talk

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RE: ME!...

I love this song by Lady Antebellum! Looks like you are having fun with it. Contact me at and let's sing a duet , haha. Maybe we can do some Garth Brooks and Trishai Yearwood together!

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RE: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Both great album.
Dark side of the moon is so philosophical .
The Wall a master piece of music.heart beating

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RE: great classic...dylan

I like Dylan especially his Gospel music!applause

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RE: Aretha FRANKLIN - "Until The Real Thing Comes Along" (1963)

I tried to mail you but blocked.

Arethra passed away today 8/16/2018

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Mabel Matiz - Sarisin


A blond tiger stirs
Into the glass forest within me
As if it was familiar from somewhere
At my touch, it's taste would bleed

The skies have been punctured now, peace,
The earth slides beneath us, its ice
What would happen if storms raged?
We're wrapped around each other like ivy.

This shattering happened by itself
Look, I'm writing myself from scratch
From wherever this state of mine consoles itself
For one look of yours, a thousand (people) captivated.
Look, my craziness has descended to earth with this escape
For one laugh of yours, a thousand prisoners.

Music and Lyrics: Mabel Matiz

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A minute of silence

Marina Abramovic e Ulay

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RE: UFO TV series- 'The long sleep'

Good show. I want to watch the series now. transport

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Some people are incredibly stupid.

Mr_Amor should be ashamed for having posted this.

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Musica Cubana

This is in the park cespedes of Santiago de Cuba

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Old cars in my city, the best

Also a view of Santiago de Cuba

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RE: BZN I love you so(HD)

how f*ck korny,lol old fool

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RE: thin lizzy whiskey in the jar

This song is covered by many but mastered by few..thin lizzy got it!

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Titanic Documentary

Don Lynch made a book about the Titanic,it has a lot of documentary in it.

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RE: Titanic Documentary

This Documentary was VERY informative of the whole tragic affair.
Another Documentary is "The TITANIC CONSPIRACY". (Just GOOGLE it.)
This shows some very interesting aspects of the event.

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RE: because i loveeee u i love in the air

Hi vineeth I'm interested can you b my solumate

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Your welcome : )

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RE: The Power of Words

Thanks for this video.
I appreciated the above comment too.bouquet

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RE: The Power of Words

I am agree with the power of words and the power of to be in the shoes of the other just for a few seconds.

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RE: Loose yourself to Dance

Loose yourself be yourself

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X Y Z & Beyond (p1)

Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. And your words are right on...thanks bunches. Kudos

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