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The very rich want us to die, they have their little schemes,And in these words expressed in rhyme, is how they dream their dreams,The worlds too stressed by all this mess, we need some Hitler style progress,There was a time we needed slaves, now robots do the work of naves,Surplus people undeserving, we now only find unnerving,It’s hard to kill 5 billion souls, but they occupy our space,They cut down forests to grow food, they’re always in our face,Well now it’s time to thin the herd, to think otherwise would beabsurd, they’re all over the damn place. We’ll start perhaps with little wars, and build them into big ones,The Middle East can serve our feast, suck in Iran and them some,A bloated Chinese army to defend Iranian oil,A nuke attack will set them back, yes millions there could foil,But even with radiation, that won’t do the job we’re told,Let’s set our goals on mighty plagues, and let natures work unfold,The Bird Flu too seems viable, to thin out every nation,Some killer flu’s can be our scrooge, to kill surplus population,And now natural disasters can be triggered on demand,With killer weather tech we know they’ll never understand,As earthquakes and tornado’s fly, with volcanoes on the news,Our HAARP and laser satellites are something we’ll abuse,Then there’s our old friend starvation, he’s served us very well,For centuries now to force our will starvations put the chill,To every revolutions hope, for unseating our domain,If they can’t eat, our jobs complete, starvation makes them tame. But as group, we very rich will see our goals fulfilled,This time we’ll get to scratch this itch, we’ll live to see them killed,We’ve built our bunkers underground, our troops in there too,The lizards under Denver Airport, look just like me and you,But looks can be deceiving as all shape-shifters know,Our souls are of the lizards kind to demolish from below,The people who live hand to mouth, and raise their little kids,It won’t be long until they’re gone, we’re putting out the bids,For flu vaccines that give you flu, and pneumonia too no doubt,Nano-tech is in face creams that rot your insides out,GM crops to feed you up and fill you through and through,They feed you without nourishing, and feed your cancer too. We sure did crush that Reverend Wright for saying what he did,To imply that HIV was made as something we want hid,It came from manmade monkey virus, spread in shots for hepatitis,This knowledge now must be forgotten, since millions die from aidsthat’s rotten,Bodies all throughout the world, a time bomb ticking that we hurled,But even aids can’t kill enough, can’t kill so quickly as to stuff 5billion bodies into graves, so we prepare to hide in caves,Shut the door on World War 3, and watch it on remote TV,While rage, disease and hunger planted, by our guys so underhanded,Go to work to chop the herd, as predicted in our sacred word,We lizard humans do the will, of he who fell to Earth to chill,The warmth and love of gods creation, we are the terrors, the infestation,That cannot stand gods human race, the race we plan to now replace.MultiMaddo85
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history lesson.

we all dwell on the past things that's gone by, that affect us in some way shape or form, we shut ourselves, up put a brick wall up to protect our emotions, we find it hard to trust and open up, as the saying goes once biting twice shy, when i think about it its like history, its the past its experience, we all make mistakes we all do stupid things that's what makes us you neek they say the winner dictates history, who's the winner you or person that hurt you, dont think about past for it has gone by, dont think of the future for it has not come and may never happen, live for the today, hope it makes sence to someone would like hear you comments.
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to live in the world without becoming
aware of the meaning of the world is
like wandering about in a great library
without touching the books
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do not tell lies,

for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed,

and there is nothing covered up that will not be uncovered.
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ancient Indian proverb

treat the earth well,
it was not given to you by your parents
it was loaned to you by your children
we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors
we borrow it from our children
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falling petal

a wuthering flower blows in the wind
shedding it petals of life gone by
never knowing why it was here
yet carried on blooming without fear
from seedling to flower on it did bloom
like nature intended no effort or try
rising from the earth a day at a time
towards the sky majestic and sublime
its never here long i wish it could be
natures perfections a beauty to see
how often do we stop and just stare
as the wuthering petals fall from the air
down to the ground from where thay came
for natures song to start singing again.

by me
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my tought

i have learnd that, you cannot make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can beloved, the rest is up to them.
and nomatter how much i care some people just dont care back.
one thing i now for sure is that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it, life is about ups and downs, forget the bad and think of the good, be happy theirs always someone out their,
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