This is me.

i go to college.
im 18,now.
im a bowler.
i love poker.
i drive.
im not one to make the first move.
i love roller coasters.
i like watching movies.
i love to laugh
i love travelling.
i think hands are important.
i absolutely love dr. pepper.
i text.
I like to drive fast.
im not that artistic.
i love music.
i can read,
but i usually dont.
im clumsy...
i hit trees.
i have big goals.
i wear glasses.
i play ping pong too.
i love singing, but i'm not good at it.
i can be loud,
and calm at the same time.
im different,
than what you actually see.
i love hot chocolate,
and cinnamon coffee.
i'm majoring in criminal justice.
i wanna travel everywhere.
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sounds good to me after a few speeding tickets that urge to drive fast will go away .lol.
interesting ... who asked for that?
i would have if i was younger .
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