RE: Go, get lost

he should have written

helloooooooooooo nurse heart beating

that way he wouldn't be so obvious .

probably would have gotten the same reaction from you tho .

RE: Same mail twice

probably just a scammer ................ or a total moron . i wouldn't want to get associated with either .

just saying .

RE: The Wizard Called Oz

because politicians can be bought like baseball cards .

RE: OMFG....

usually when someone says this is funny check it out it turns out it's not so funny .

but that was funny .

RE: High Technology

kinda makes me sad that i never used skype .

RE: Self Defense or Murder?

of course he was justified can hardly believe this is a serious question .

RE: The Quiet Corporate Sins

no corporations only care about profit nothing else matters .


there are thousands of life supporting planets both like earth and not so much like earth . the universe demands diversity .

RE: Death Penalty Disillusionment

i too am learning that the world is a very different place than it should be . the worst joke i ever heard is the land of the free .

RE: In awe

duck jesus ?????

RE: Duck; not Donald

we have two fake ducks floating in the big pond trying to attract real ducks .

doesn't work tho .

RE: panic europe?

i look forward to the day when you can ask anyone where are you from and their response is simply ......... earth


it is a sad sad world .

RE: Just my curious

there is no one on my blocked list .

RE: Fiction or Nonfiction?

actually there was a guy that built a bed that he would use to weigh dying people and was able to prove that when a person dies their body loses weight . it wasn't much like a half ounce i think but at the least you could assume that you have a soul .

a skinny one . laugh

RE: successful ^_^

murphy's law says that anything that can go wrong will and in many cases it it true .


i have never heard this story i like it very much .

RE: 71 Senators Voted Against GMO Labeling...

that's just ridiculous .

RE: Do we live in a fantasy about love?

i don't agree society isn't a choice it is something we are born into .

i have noticed in many people they either don't think their choices through or simply don't care about the long term outcome of their choices .
honor and the love you speak of has been diluted by selfishness horribly . i haven't met a single human yet that understood love .

RE: weirdest news ever!!! woman forces man to sex for

am i the only one that wants this chick to join cs ?????? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Your CS name

nope no funny story adamisk is my surname and i use it for everything online or when i write and even online gaming .
if your on playstation home and you see a fat avi named adamisk that's me lol .
but not always others use this name i have had to have adamisk09 or adamisk13 on some sites .

RE: Got my heartless head on.

most of those millions donated will end up lining the pockets of politicians and contractors .

i was under katrina and all i remember seeing as far as assistance was two boxes of mre's .

RE: Do we live in a fantasy about love?

i blame society ........

RE: Your Morning Look..

i don't pass by the mirror much .laugh

RE: Protest in Russia

his dedication is astonishing but his planning is well crazy ridiculous .

RE: Typhoon Haiyan in Vietnam :(

no words either ............................

RE: my life sucks sooo bad

could be worse could have no water no food no home or even no internet .

just sayen .

RE: Uncomplete profile

seems a bit silly if you think about it i mean if a pictureless person actually met someone online then went to meet them in real life they are going to see them then .
unless they just have no way of putting a picture up .

RE: philliphines

very very sad ..........

RE: your choice ??

love and that explains my money situation . rolling on the floor laughing

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