Between 2010 and 2011

It is the last day of 2010. And tomorrow it will be the first day and the beginning of 2011. We will have 3 days off. Before I always spent these days alone in another city... But this year I will visit my grandpa and some uncles and aunts. All these years I have never visited them in their city, they complained, so tonight I will go celebrate the new year with them.

But why. It has been so tired. I would rather sleep 3 days in my nest to have a good rest, than visit them and follow them to visit those "famous" places.

And why. I want to join my family in this new year. Yes, mom is in grandpa's home now, I will meet her in several hours. But my dad is far at my home, alone. My sister is far at another city, alone. Why can't I join my dad, my mom and my sister at the same time, to welcome the new year? They are my family.

Moreover, why am I not willing to meet uncles and aunts? They are my relatives. Yes, I would rather stay alone than meet them. I don't feel comfortable or relaxed with them. Yes, I am willing to accompany my grandpa. Time is not on his side. He is old and lonely. I feel so sorry for him. crying

I feel so sorry for those people who are crying in their hearts, at a time when many people celebrate to welcome the new year.

I won't be alone in this festival, but why don't I feel happier? cold
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