Another eventful day

Woke up this morning and stumbled in the dark to the kitchen to make coffee. No water in the kettle and when I wanted to fill it the tap was frozen sh...
210290Aug 9Aug 95 hrs ago

Strange experience

My truck had a flat along a road going to a small coastal town. I seriously suspected that I won't be able to change it. As it was a Sunday afternoon...
339420Aug 7Aug 8Sep 17

The truth

I decided to stop being rude by not answering mail so started to tell them about my wonderful life in the woods. None of them bothered to reply to my...
591620May 19May 20Sep 17


I think I have maybe changed my mind about not looking for someone anymore. That causes a lot of problems so will have to think a bit more before I de...
537610Apr 7Apr 87 hrs ago

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