slut cycle

Its over and your numb with shock. You get an offer of fun sex, no strings yes please. Its not enough but it helps your broken...
426260Dec 7Dec 8Jun 21

Theres honest and theres too honest.

Everyone says oh I AM honest oh I WANT honest. You meet a guy, he says he is taken (honest) but keeps flirting with you. You think maybe you would...
57580Oct 2015Oct 201518 hrs ago

Getting fit - best programme yet

A Bloke calls the company and orders their 5-day/5-kgs weight loss programme. The next day, there's a knock on the door and standing before him a v...
29860Oct 2015Oct 2015Jun 18

Women aren't gentlemen

My last blog one reply said he wondered if the guy I pulled wrote a blog of his own saying he was about to get lucky Guys here dont do that much. G...
631220Oct 2015Oct 2015Jun 17

Could of

Went to a pub last night with me tits out, picked a good looking bloke and stood him a drink, had a few laffs and could of taken him home. Because...
810160Oct 2015Oct 2015Jun 16

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