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Order of Things

Everything is useful. To a degree, of course. So don't celebrate anything above your breath, and don't mourn anything longer than you should. Joy and...
36-0Feb 23Feb 23Mar 15

Too Much People

Did anyone ever told you this? Too much of other people is not good for you. Not at all. Especially their thoughts. Reading what they think about this...
80-1Feb 19Feb 1924 hrs ago

What Are You Doing Here?

Yes, you! I'm serious. Tired of looking?Tired of making others think you live a perfect life? Why create such a bubble in the first place? Do me a fav...
82-0Feb 15Feb 15Mar 15

Bad English

In my life, I've read a lot of bad English. Written some of it too, reaching fluency doesn't come naturally nor easy. It's an uphill battle. English i...
114-0Feb 10Feb 10Mar 14

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