In one of the Dalllas Night Clubs, bored, lonely a long time and being human very long lacking the physical satisfaction a man needs. So I walk up to...
10760Jul 18Jul 189 hrs ago

Addition to my last Blog. U.S. Presidency

As I said the trump card is your last resort but it is not really the END OF THE WORLD. The World is round so when the END comes just jump onto the...
3400Jul 18Jul 1822 hrs ago

Politically Incorrect Ad

It is not possible to post pictures I made with no link. So go here and scroll down to HOW i WILL GET THE WOMEN'S VOTE
8510Jun 24Jun 243 hrs ago

U.S. National Interest

This will explain it Thsi will fund it. New type of PAC PPAC People's PAC Not for Party Guys. htt...
7900Jun 24Jun 2420 hrs ago

Political Publicity Needed

You will see how tired I get working 7 days or nights per week since 2012 and the run for 2016. I think a hour after the photo I slept for 48 hours....
8900Jun 16Jun 1613 hrs ago


Find on Blogger...
13510Apr 21Apr 29Jul 20

RUNNING / NO WALKING for Oval Office in 2020

Here is my Political Page on Facebook. I can reach 170,000,000 in the USA for $2.00 per day but even that is over my personal budget. I do not have...
9800Apr 23Apr 23Jul 19

My NEW American Automotive Corp - Industry

I believe I can get initial funding / investment from a Prince. I will have to squeeze out information to know how much the factory will cost. I hav...
10700Apr 21Apr 21Jul 19


Yesterday tissue to dry eyes had blood. Tody woke with blood just above sock. drove 11 miles to ER so foot nto amputated due to diabete. Hurry home 1...
23680Apr 14Apr 17Jul 21

Advice to make Girls into Women Part 3

item 3. Sorry for my fatigue and the disorder. Bette Midler's song "The Wind Beneath my Wings" is wonderful and how a couple should give each other...
15440Apr 11Apr 1216 hrs ago

Advice to Change Girls into Women from a MAN with Feelings. MEN: Use my wording in profile 1st msg

I am 70 years old. I quit looking in the 1980s & last (and best ever) sex was in 1984. I was surprised that she picked me up. So it took her 20 mi...
192120Apr 11Apr 1116 hrs ago

Advice to Change Girls into Women Part 2

ITEM 1. Unless you are 30 or older, do not talk about being hurt. 1 or 2 times is nothing. My heart was broken two times by drop dead gorgeous Rus...
13220Apr 11Apr 1116 hrs ago

From the Office of a Resident of the United States of America

I will not rewrite what is written and has been read worldwide. However only a few hundred read my words. I think they a VIP and must get notice whe...
12000Mar 16Mar 16Jul 19

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