The Art Of War......: Sun Tzu, Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Mencius

The Art Of War...... Sun Tzu, Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Mencius Book
by Sun Tzu, Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Mencius

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I like this book because you can always count on the old to ground you and also using an effective strategy in life will always cause you to win in the game of life. Your opposition will only position you to go through any optical course that will get you to the victory that's on the other side. Life can be full of challenges but with the right strategy you are guaranteed to win if you don't give up. Life is Beautiful !!!! It's meant to be enjoyed!!!
What A Great Read!!!laugh
A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste On Things That Doesn't Produce.....The Greatest Thing one has Is a Brilliant Mind And There Word should always be their bond to themselves first then to others.applause
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