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The  Ridgeway  Europe’s oldest road: Richard Ingram

The Ridgeway Europe’s oldest road Richard Ingram Book
by Richard Ingram

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Pre-dating Roman roads, this route is mainly across the tops of hillsides in an absolutely beautiful part of England, I would like to explore the area sometime, preferably with a nice companion!
I spotted the book in a remaindered bookshop opposite the City Hall in Sheffield, way back in the eighties.
Not a guide to walking the route but there is an antique featured plus a diagram and various styles of illustration, by a selection of accomplished artists.
This is basically a guide for an exhibition by the Francis Kyle Gallery with some superb illustrations included.
The cover is 'White Horse Country' by Patrick Malacarnet and there are several of his paintings inside that I really like.
My favourites are by the Sheffield artist Jonathan Briggs (who's the same age as me), some of his work seems to include every blade of grass!
I'd seen his paintings for sale one year at the Great Sheffield Art Show at very reasonable prices and went back the following year hoping to buy one... he didn't have any on display that year! I ended up with a tramcar in snow painting by a completely different artist.

It's just a lovely, well designed, inspiring book

My copy had a USA Salem House price label of $29.95 inside it, I paid £5.99 for it.
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