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How compatible would we be? Quiz

created by Divinitymagic on Aug 201041 yrs old, Stirling, Central, Scotland, UK
Take this quiz to find out how compatible you are with Divinitymagic.
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1. We decide to goto the Cinema and you know how much I love Nacho's, the que for the food is REALLY long, do you?
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2. You have a question thats been playing on your mind for a while about a previous relationship i have had, do you?
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3. We have been dating for a few weeks when you suddenly find out that I'm a millionaire, do you?
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4. We have decided to give things a proper go, I cant see you this weekend as i am booked at a gig in London, you find out later that its an exclusive Hen Party for a celebrity bride to be, do you?
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5. We date a few times and things progress and we spend the night together, we head to bed and we hug for a bit and fall asleep after chatting for ages. I dont even make a move... you think:
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6. Who is the hardest man on earth?

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56 Times Taken
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Created: Aug 2010
Last Viewed: Apr 8
Last Commented: Jan 2011
Last Taken: Jul 2018


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